Can you see it?

How long did it take you to see it? took me a second or two on site.

The drain line reduction?

That or S trap,lack of vent,shutoffs that are impossible to add handles to and bad location for paper that touches your bottom.

That, or the loose wall tile on the left, two up from the bottom and two over. :wink:

Itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout!:shock:

Is that a spider in the corner? Yikes!

Yes the drain reduction. The shut offs were on my list as well.

WOW, i really hope that isn’t really a spider. I did not see that on site. Lol

I thought you were referring to the spider in your OP. Must not be a spider after all.

Anyone else see the drip catch pan for the shut-offs?

Larson beat me to it. Looks like there’s a catch pan to maybe catch a dripping shut-off valve.

They fill the pan with water to use as a sink then dump the water in the toilet when done.

Okay, Bob. Who is “they”? :twisted:

All I seen was a big bottle of Febreze since my focus these days is on IAQ. One of my many investigations included the same issues.