Can you see it?

The defect is…

wade hampton (51).jpg


Maybe I am a bit undersigted tonight but what are the red wires doing on the grounded terminal buss…and how about that grounded terminal wire not being identified with white marking like TAPE if a field installation…

And I can’t tell in the picture if the bar is actually bonded to the panel…

those would be for starters what I see…but it is a bit blurry…

True, and true, but not what I am looking for.

Ben, good one here are some questions not answers

  • Is the enlosure bonded?
  • Are the later Bryant GFCI’s rated for the panel?
  • There appear to be very few neutrals on the bus in relation to the apparent branch circuits?
  • Are the breakers rated to the branch circuit wiring?
    Did I miss a big one?



Oh sorry…Article 200.7, 200.6(B) are the ones I am refering to in regards to the conductors on the Grounded and Grounding Buss.

well Ben…you have a better view of the image than us my friend…enlighten us old fellows…:slight_smile:

I do see a ITE breaker in a Bryant Panel…along with a Bryant Breaker as well…and another one almost looks like a CH breaker as well.

I know one thing…their is one freakin Grounded Conductor that is about to toch that HOT buss…lol…

Look on the bus bars… This is a three phase panel and the owner (who was an engineer) disconnected the connection on the “c” phase and places a piece joining the “b” and “c” phases so he could add another breaker. This takes away the u.l. rating and is an extreme hazard when someone welds and taps a piece on the buss.

Sorry…the image was too busy for me to see that via an image…lol…but since I found other things…defer it…I will fly out and look at it…NOT…lol

Great BEN…now you have given others who have a 3 phase panel that they concern a way to do it…thanks alot…thehehehe…

I wondered what the bar was in the middle…but heck seen so many panels I figured it was part of the equipment…would have been EASIER if you had shown the TOP of the panel as well fella…you tricky devil

I thought the weld, and the bolt there would be a give a way. Put them glasses on.

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Man I do wear glasses…and maybe they have TOO much ARC BLAST on them…heck if I know…lol…man if you take the nearly 5,000 panels I have looked at ( maybe more ) in my time…that little fuzzy WELD did not stick out…lol…but the items I posted did…lol

Hey…I aint PERFECT fella…Far from it…oh…yeah…Fat and Blind also…:slight_smile:

Paul, I am sure that is an old ITE EQ loadcenter. The Bryant breakers are the misfits.
Everytime I see one of those old EQs I am impressed
at the quality and longevity.

It is an ITE.

Are ground and neutral wires allowed to be connected to the same bus bar? I always thought they weren’t. Am I wrong??

In a main panel (service equipment) they are. The bars are one in the same.