Can you see the issue ? (s)

roof chimney 3.jpg

How many do you see ?

I would comment on that but I am laughing too hard!

Never saw a recirculating chimney ?

At what?

Yeah the title does say how many do you see.
So far the score is zero.

No takers ?

top left/4th house off corner has a leaky basement, got milk?

No rain cap on the house beside it??

I do like the liner with no seal at the cap. Make the chimney nice and warm then leave a big opening at the top for local bat population.

One point.:wink:

Hi Bob,
Couple of comments; I am never a fan of dishes and antennas attached to the chimney; damage can result. The other comment…are you concerned that the furnace exhaust is spilling down the fireplace chimney into the home…do I see that the lower rain hood hood is obscured by the fireplace rain hood.

Yes that is part of my worry but not sure if that shoud be a concern.
Firebox has openings which is bad enough.
Attachments is yet another that you also noticed.

2 points

I am waiting to see what Kevin will point out. :):wink:

I like the flashing.

That’s it?

Bob said 's. more than one. :slight_smile:

I am concerned by the wrap around flashing as I had no idea if there was step flashing under it.
Snow conceled the space.This was a video cam observation due to the weather.

It was pretty dark ,but I brightened up some shots.

I will give you one point Kevin though you are hiding your doubt with the non commital joke observation. :slight_smile:

I actually have 2 more concerns based on what you see.

Missing kick-out flashing

It would be nice if they had some kick out flashing but I never see it.

Ah Chris we posted at the same timr