Can You Spot The Defect?

Can You Spot The Defect?

Shingles are shot…

I need a thermal image to figure it out.

Don’t let the cosmetic items throw you off.

Needs Better landscaping to allow water to flow away from the foundation .
No Power
Most likely will need a energy audit .

Missing caulk at the threshold. Plain as day.

The Finnigan pin appears loose where attaching to the goesinto. Recommend further evaluation by Murphy’s Law.

I recommend scraping loose paint and sealing all painted surfaces as they most likely contain lead.

Recommend further evaluation by a D-9 Cat

John, John John…


All kidding aside, I am going to incorporate this photo into my defect recognition / report writing class.

The exercise will be NOT to write about something bad, but describe something GOOD in the photo.

I always take a photo of something horrendous, and challenge the students to observe and write something good.

It is truly an observational challenge, and a writing challenge. We then discuss what the students write. It’s fun, and truly educational.

I remember seeing this house in a movie…Phsyco?

Did the realtor tell her customer it is a fixer upper?

[quote=jfarsetta;754335I always take a photo of something horrendous, and challenge the students to observe and write something good.[/quote]

The grass is a pretty color. :wink:

Appears to have been built by a certified master builder from Tx. John was that the last home you built before graduating to inspector;-);-):smiley:

It really was a nice house until they had a big family reunion one day and a chili cooking contest. The next morning the photos shows what the house looked like. No one seems to know what happened.

NOTE: East Texas Rednecks cannot smell their own toots… To them, all that gas smells like roses…:slight_smile:

Everyone had to move to the nicer part of town…

They made the move just in time to put up the Christmas decorations.

To save money, they have figured out a way to cook on the grill in the same location that they… well, you know what I mean.

Well, that is all the news I got for now from East Texas, where they even name our dogs “BUBBA”…

And… always remember, to us in the deep south, the term REDNECK is still considered a compliment to each other. Ya’ll come back and sit a spell when you can. We be havin a bowl of chili for ya, when ya come.

Nice house it really stands out.

Services must be underground for sure.

What is wrong? Anything to do with the pastel colors!