Can you spot the problem?

Hello All:

Spot the problem!

Looks like parallel ground feeds to the Grounding Bushing and twin taps again , 3 wires in the lug
White wire for ground wire was common 60 years ago .
Those cloth covered wires are 60~ years old… Roy

Palallel wires to Grounds was common 60 years ago

Good catch but that is not the biggest problem.:smiley:

Great glad I missed some thing hope some else finds it .

Are those 100 amp fuses on 6 AWG CU?

I will give a hint latter Roy!:smiley:

Might it have something to do with the single white conductor in the bottom of the disconnect?

No I think that is going to the Ground Rods or water pipe .

Think it is the Printing on the lable and I can not read it … Roy

Remember Green was always ground but Ground was not always green .

Love these puzzels every body learns .

I will give a hint latter Roy!:grin:

It would be nice to give us a fighting chance to guess properly by using photo’s that aren’t so blurry. :slight_smile: For the record now a grounding electrode conductor can be any color.

Grounds and neutrals not seperated with neutrals isolated

Thanks I was not sure been out of the trade for about 30 years and the mind is getting slow and many changes I have not kept up with .

100 Amp panel.

Can you explain the entire setup? Is the panel downstream of this disconnect?

100 amp panel does not Matter this looks like 60 amp fuses.
The weakest link tells the size of the service so if they are 60 amp fuses it is a 60 amp service .
… Roy

Looks like it might be 100A panel with #4 Cu wires, but 60A fuses … maybe even a 60A rated disconnect. Would be a 60A service … but it looks like there is an elec range, and my guess would be an elec dryer also. Would have to do a load calc with actual house size and appliances to see if the 60A would be undersized. And agreed, need better pics

You can’t focus your camera??

Try macro so we can all read it next time…:mrgreen:

Sorry guys!

I was out of town. Robert wins this one.
The mains are 60 Amps but there are two apartments with two stoves and two hot water tanks. They cannot have a dryer because the service is too small.
The three wires serve the grounds and neutrals to two units. The disconnects are for two apartments that makes it have service of 60 amps/apt. A stove needs 40 Amps.
The tell tale sign is the two grounds on one lug in 60 Amp panel.
Panel is only rated for 100 Amps this puts the panel at 20Amps over
Water was only warm and the element was broken on one oven.
I wonder why?

Sounds like a mess. But Im not really following what ya mean by the 100A panel is 20A over.

Panel is only rated for 100 Amps. The panel is down stream from two 60 Amp main disconnects.

That matters not the service is a 60 amp service .
It just says the panel can be used as part of a 100 amp service .
It goes back to the weakest link .

It is also cheaper now to buy a 100 amp panel then a 60 panel and it has room for more breakers .
Just because some one puts in 2 inch conduit and a 200 amp panel it has wires for 150 amp and a 150 amp breaker it is a 150 amp service .