Can you spot the Tyvex installation problem?

Tyvex 1.JPG

Tyvex 2.JPG

This is the work from a premier builder on the Island of Sanibel. Its about a 2.2 million dollar house on the water. Besides the improper window installation, the improper hurricane strap installation and the improper safety measures present this is the Tyvek that was present and they were installing the Tilath paper over the bare wood.

The owner of the house is an out of town person and asked us to do a quick inspection. The defects in the house were numerous and not in keeping with this caliber of home. Seems like no matter what happens, craftsmanship gets worse and worse…

Sad that this is what you get for 2.2 million…thats just for the HOUSE…the owner owned the lot…

Tyvex 1.JPG

Tyvex 1.JPG

Tyvex 1.JPG

What do they want behind the stucco in that area Russel?

Windows already installed

Typically its Tyvek, then its Tilath paper then the metal lath for the stucco. But there was NOT ONE part of the installation that was proper. NOT ONE, so now what are they going to do because the windows are installed. They created one hell of a mess…

The owner just needs to fire the contractor and start over. I take it, the owner never ran any references by talking to previous clients that have been in their houses for awhile. In this case, awhile just might be the first hard rain. In cases like this, I always wonder which person is more stupid, the owner or the contractor. Sad but true.

OK since nobody is bothering it is driving me crazy.

Strip it off and start over!!! Hope they nailed the windows in right…


If you want to get technical Bob. Tyvek is a brand name. Great branding for DUPont. Soon it won’t be you need a home inspection, but you need a Fogarty inspection.:stuck_out_tongue:

You need to use that as your slogan. I think it would catch on!

quote=jbraun;734137]You need to use that as your slogan. I think it would catch on!

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I didn’t read the replies (that’s cheating)

I’m not familiar with that type of lath, but would assume that the Tyvek (?) needs to be under the Lath material, which looks like squares of expanded metal lath. Not familiar with it.

Are these little pre-fabbed squares just nailed to the elevation, w/out the moisture barrier under them? Maybe I missed it.


Its totally ripped off the walls. They used a Home Depot staple gun to attach it and when that 1.3 MPH wind came it blew it right off and they didn’t even care!

Owner is having a conference call with builder, foreman and himself. Builder is state it was totally wrong and he will make it right. The sent the owner the installation guidelines from Dupont and Tilath felt material. There was no way he could argue the defects.

Instead of WRAPPING the tilath felt it is just cut. There are so many voids and opening in BOTH materials its unreal.

The paper back lath does not allow the Grade D paper to wrap around the corners unless you waste a lot of lath. ASTM says 2 layers of Grade D or better and the 2 layers needs to be everywhere so the lack of the second layer on the corners is wrong anyway!

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