Can you spot the Tyvex installation problem?

Can you xerox that and send me a copy?
You did just Post-It however and I am sure your brand name will stick like Velcro.
If ever I Google Inspection and see it described as a Fogarty I will grab a Kleenexthough it will only Band Aid the pain.

How about this one?

Can you see the pictures?

I saw it all…had to run some type of download…but I saw your site perfect…thanks, loved the info…

Looks great Carl ,and a reminder to click on the text in order to see them.
Everyone should visit the forum also.

I never have any issues on your site so I am not sure where these guys are coming from.

I got it with Chrome.

Trying now to figure out what is going on.

Thanks guys.

That is because of your security software .
Bet you guys have the same brand.Either “Not on” or" McCrappie".

Its working Carl.

Thanks Robert!

How about Paperback lath only do you guys see any problems with these?

It is not like it is a new problem in FL. either.

More links from Minnesota might help some.,1038.0.html

Lots of pictures of improper prep!

Most have 1 layer of Grade-D paper on them aka: paperback lath.

See all of the OSB aka. vertical mulch, and the joints that have paper on metal instead of paper on paper? Leaks and cracks galore!

A drainage plain.