Can you spot whats missing?

15 year old boiler.
Whats missing and how should I write it up.
???boiler (Small).JPG

One of the materials may not be what you think it is at first.

What’s a “Boiler”…July in Arizona?----:stuck_out_tongue:

What is supporting the burners?

Yeah good call,you get a prize from the middle rack.
If you want the big teddy bear ,give me some wordage for the freakin bottom of your boiler is missing.

That’s the concrete basement floor.

Foreclosure Inspection today with lots of problems.
The village sent 3 guys out from the water dept and they showed up 2 minutes after I did.

Turned on the main at the buffalo box and reconnected the meter that they said had a broken seal,so they were going to fine someone.

Just then the Bank guy shows up to de-winterize…hahaha…excuse me but just thinking about how the ceiling tile blew off from a hole in the middle of the brass valve makes me laugh.

260 pictures of defects with no gas or water is a lot to go through tomorrow morning.

260 Pictures?…I don’t think I have taken that many pictures in a 200,000 sq ft commercial building----:smiley:

But they do save note taking that’s for sure.

Sounds like you had fun Condo—:shock:—:smiley:

I would simply state the Boiler needs to be repaired-replaced by a licensed HVAC contractor (or plumber) in your area…I do not really know, very seldom do I find one still operation in a commercial building, I have never seen one in a house.

Very common here in older homes and apt buildings.
This was a Chicago Bungalow which you may have heard of.

The listing said 1956 but the toilet tank lid said 1929.

Top floor was dormered and there was a small garage like room attached at the side with th outside brick wall as common.
The roof tar was perforated at the flashing with efflorescence on both sides and I could go on foreever.
Maybe I should tour the place as a Inspector class.

But yes I take lots of pictures and a full video.

I never need to write notes.

That’s what happens when you give Condo a camera and HIP makes it so easy to import photos. I can read the report now:

1st right tile in the kitchen floor has medium size cracks. Recommend replacement by licensed, bonded, insured, qualified tile contractor that is familiar with what appears to be Travertine tiles from batch 1749A out of the Torreon, Mexico mines, most likely shaft 6.

2nd right tile in the kitchen floor has larger cracks than the 1st tile.

4th left tile in the kitchen floor has cracks. The cracks are larger than the 1st right tile but smaller than the 2nd right tile. It appears to be out of batch 1813C, also from the Torreon, Mexico mines, but shaft 8 where there is a slightly higher concentration of iron particulates that result in a slight color variation.

5th left tile… oh never mind. The tile floor is cracked. Repair as needed. :mrgreen:

Very seldom do I write any notes either Bungalow Bob----:stuck_out_tongue:

Condo write reports like that Steve?----:stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the builder or subsequent owner was cheap and grabbed a toilet out of the trash. Or maybe they are sentimental and brought theirs from a previous home :mrgreen:

Or liked the style of the old model and did not have to flush it three times to get the “paperwork” done.

Actually I wondered why the listing had 1956 when all the Bungalows were built late 20s-early 30s.

Thats why I take my time.

My clients all have one thing in common (they gotta drag me out)

How did you get a hold of one darn you? :slight_smile: