Canada has a better system

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But is that not a socialist government there. (So i been Told) good info Bruce

Imagine that

In this country the banksters figured out a way to make money lending to people who could not pay it back.

Of course they forgot to cross a few "t"s and dot some "i"s to make even more money but our government is so wonderful that it bailed them out anyway and has so far not put them in jail.

Is our government great? :sarcasm:

Bend over. It’s coming.

Its funny how Americans think Canada is such a socialist country. We have one of, if not the freest, societies in the world. Canada is open for business, we just like to take care of one another, its in our Constitution and in the “good book”.

It is also in the “Good Book”, You don’t work, you don’t eat. (verse 11 gets even more specific, calls them lazy…etc.)

2 Thessalonians 3:10

Thats not saying much… You wont find many foreclosures in other countries like Cambodia for instance either.

Canada is the USA’s largest trading partner .
Canada has managed to stay steady while many other countries have suffered big time in the last few years .
Canada’s money has not gone down like many other countries in the world .
Up until recently Canada & USA had the worlds longest undefended border .

Acts 4:32-5:5

Thats a pretty poor comparison/analogy. First world countries vs third world. I doubt many people in Cambodia have any debt as they don’t have any credit.

Hey Robert, I believe Canada’s unemployment rate is lower than in the US. Even with our “socialist system” people here do work hard and prosper on their own.

:mrgreen: Just kidding with you guys.

Just think how well both contries would be if some who could work, who do not work, and live of us who do work and pay taxes. This does hurt us all.

Ah, the old bible teaches communism thing.

Yeh right.:frowning:

You miss the entire point of the passage.

I was also joking about the socialized thing , I knew Micheal could not resist .

Canada, like Europe, depends on the US for defense. It’s time to bring all of our troops home from Europe and let them head off the Islam menace for themselves.

Joe Canada has it’s own defense, May not be as big as the USA . why because it is not needed . another reason is population . If we had one as big as the USA then no one would be working .
Another thing I would not want to piss of our troops , They may be small but well trained and educated .

The Bible: Wonderfully inconsistent and vastly not understood by it’s followers.

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]Joe that is wrong we have many of our soldiers in Afghanistan . I have two grandchildren who have served more then one stint their. My son and son-in-law where in Desert storm . I was in Florida and had on a Canadian American flag . And a lady came up to me and gave me hell said I should be ashamed wearing that as Canada was not helping the USA . [/size][/FONT]
I thanked her very much and said I would send my son a letter in Kandaher who was helping to build a Hospital for the service men who get hurt .
She said OH! I am sorry I did not know Canada was there .
Joe unfortunately many Americans have little knowledge what goes on out side of the USA .
I think we have to be careful about some of our statements until we are sure . Thanks … Roy Cooke

I know that Canada has troops in Afghanistan. About .0001 % of the US commitment.

Much appreciated but come on. If we did not have the world’s best and deadliest military, Canadians would be paying much more in taxes than they currently do. Ditto Europe.

Not needed because of its proximity to the US.