Canada South Chapter

Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that an informal chapter has been formed to enhance NACHI efforts in the Windsor, Wallaceburg, Sarnia, Forest, Strathroy, London, St. Thomas, Thamesville, Chatham, Tilbury and Leamington areas and every hamlet in between. :smiley:

Since this is the most southern point of Canada, we’ve named it Canada South. We are hoping to be the link between the Great Lakes Chapter and South Western Ontario Chapter.

We are in the preliminary stages and any ideas and/or suggestions from present chapter members is greatly appreciated.

Once we have made further progress in our formation of officers, I’ll post more info.

The chapter website can be found at,

You must have found the Easy Button after we spoke on Saturday.

Aurelio if you need any help from over here in Oxford county let me know I’ll do what I can.

As the Canadian keeper of the NACHI table Cloth
If needed for and presentations or a meeting please let me know and I will mail it to you.
You can mail it back to me when finished so others can also get the use of it .
Roy Cooke … A Happy NACHI member

I Think This Is “great” , Living In Wallaceburg But Being From Tilbury I Hope I Can Help.

I tried to link to your website and it seems like a “dead” link.

Thanks everyone, I’ll be contacting you very soon for input and suggestions for the first meeting.

Most likely a meet and greet session.