Canadain Home Inspectors Liciensing

Canadian Home Inspectors Liciensing There has been some serious talk among the provinces .
They are talking and it sounds like it could be like all our trade licenses .
Each Province will recognize the other’s license.
**Sounds like it is getting serious . **
**Do not expect any big changes yet but **

it looks like no one is interested in CAHPI or the National Certification.


IMO, the NCA would be the place to start on a national “trade license” that would be recognized by all juristictions across Canada…(I’m sure you’ve heard this somewhere before!!!).

Thanks for your opinion but why would you even consider a secret society having control of the Canadian Home Inspection industry.


What’s a Canadain? Doug

Its Canadian who can’t spell! :slight_smile:

Not the smartest but certainly very happy .