Canada's birthday

149 years July first

Happy Birth day Canada** **


Happy birthday Canada. Get that foreign queen’s face off your money already :wink:

And what cost millions of dollars to change it ?

Free Beer and re-runs of hockey night in Canada for all ( well just for the birthday )

Happy Birthday Canada.
Please take back your freeloaders.

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‘An alternative exists’: the US citizens who vowed to flee to Canada – and did

Why this U.S. doctor is moving to Canada

After five years of constant fighting with multiple private insurance companies to get paid, Dr. Emily Queenan decided to try her luck up north. [/FONT]

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The once-alarming outflow of doctors to the U.S. is now a beneficial inflow, with 105 physicians locating here from the States in the last decade.
“The job here is better,” is how Florida native Dr. Christopher Blue summarizes why he moved here in 2010 with his wife, Dr. Kristen Kupeyan (a Windsor native), after attending medical school in the Caribbean, and training in the United Kingdom and Michigan. Here, he works as a hospitalist, an emergency doctor and assists in surgeries at local hospitals, and has two practices with his wife. Having such a varied career is something he couldn’t do in the U.S.


Really Linus tell us who and prove the lies and slander you seem you have to spread, that is if your the man you think you are .

Can’t Linas besides you all seem to want the Bieber and welcome to him.

And there’s me thinking they were a U.S. company!