Canada's North (The polar sea )

TVO starts Dec1-12 total of ten sessions .
Sounds like this will be a great series .
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Beginning December 1, TVO](’s North American premiere of [FONT=“Georgia”]The Polar Sea takes audiences on an unprecedented 10,000 km multi-media journey through the Northwest Passage to reveal a world that is being transformed by climate change.[/FONT]
The Polar Sea includes a 10-part documentary series, narrated by iconic Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent, which for the first time in TVO’s history will be available in its entirety at on December 1, and during a special two-week television event on TVO weekdays at 9 pm December 1-12. [FONT=“Georgia”]The Polar Sea is also an interactive and immersive online experience that features a ground-breaking 360 degree documentary.[/FONT]

About the video:

A preview of “The Polar Sea”, a new 10-part documentary series following an expedition through the legendary Northwest Passage.
Published on:** July 07, 2014 | **
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The Polar Sea

This stunning 10-part series takes viewers on a journey through the fabled, beautiful - and melting - Northwest Passage. We travel with amateur sailors, scientists, hunters and artists on a quest from Iceland to Alaska that was nearly impossible just a decade ago. Now, as the Arctic ice disappears, a surreal terrain emerges, filled with ominous dangers and seductive possibilities. Filmed from dozens of perspectives, including revolutionary 360 degree cameras, “The Polar Sea” takes you deep into a world that has never been seen until now.


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I also do not see what that has to do with a Canadian movie

Interesting that is about 12,000 mile from the Canadian artic .

I do not think they are comparable .
We have no penguins and they have no Polar bears

Wait until Winter Roy

Wait till winter.

The point is that despite warmist claims the ice is getting thicker.

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I posted for Canadians a movie series coming up and you already know all about it .

You really think you are that smart no one else does .
Did you look at the 3 minute leader to get all your answers .
I expect you might not be able to see these Ontario Movies so sad they are frequently very educational.

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A great series ,
** A lot of Wonderful people well presented very educational.
It is now available on the net? by TV Ontario .


The Polar Sea - Passage to the Future

Now Available

Our explorers exit the Bering Strait and complete the Northwest Passage after seeing an entire community that is sinking into the sea - America’s first climate refugees.

Started in Iceland and ended in Alaska

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About the video:

Threading between the Diomedes islands - one American, the other Russian - our explorers finally exit the Bering Strait and complete the Northwest Passage. As they sprint towards the safety of the Aleutian Islands, they pass one last astonishing impact of climate change: an entire community that is sinking into the sea, creating America’s first climate refugees. In a mere two months, our sailors have completed a journey that Britain’s Royal Navy could not achieve in five centuries of trying. But the modern explorer’s elation comes with the unsettling knowledge of a bizarre new reality emerging on the furthest margins of the world stage that will profoundly impact the lives of everyone on Earth.
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The Polar Sea

This stunning 10-part series takes viewers on a journey through the fabled, beautiful - and melting - Northwest Passage