Canadian Building Digest - Reference Index

This may be of interest to some looking at the science and studies of building science research.

Good site Claude.

As lot of the articles seem to be from the early '60’s, I wonder if the filmstrips are still available;)


Although they may be dated, a lot of the building science and reserach is still effective in getting an understanding of the older - used “so to speak” housing stock.

I teach a building science course through the college and certainly many of the same building science principles apply - other than new issues that have surfaced from tighter building envelopes. For that I use a text published by the CHBA - Canadian Home Builders Manual.

Check out some of the sample pages - if you like. It is a great reference book.

Good info Claude I subscribed to these digests as they were published. CBD 57 was one that I found very enlightening and I think it should be compulsory reading for anyone in the building industry. I lost my original copy. Thanks now I have it back. If the research in this one digest was generally understood by the designers and builders there would be a lot less mould, rot, building envelope failures etc.
I highly recommend everyone read CBD-57. Vapour Diffusion and Condensation @