Canadian Exhibitors @ IBS Feb. 13-16

International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida, for those who are interested.Government of Canada
NOW AVAILABLE: The Official Directory of Canadian IBS 2008 Exhibitors

Government export assistance

***Click here to access an advance copy of the Official Canada IBS 2008 Exhibitor Directory, now available at the “Build with Canada” website.***](

The directory makes it easy for contractors, developers, builders, architects and interior designers visiting the IBS to find the high- quality building products they are seeking, from Canadian suppliers. The directory brings together information on a vast array of products and services being presented by more than 140 Canadian companies, associations, and government agencies, all in one concise publication The Canadian building products industry has a well-deserved international reputation for the manufacture of high-quality, energy efficient and cost-effective building products, built to exacting standards and specification, and designed for diverse climatic zones as well as to meet local building requirements. Come by the Canadian Consulate Booth at the IBS (W1430) to learn more. Builder Lynx
Empowering Home Builders

Builder Lynx provides information management software and solutions for residential builders. Our solutions empower builders to improve construction times, provide clear and accurate reports, improve the experience of home buyers, sharpen alignment of employees and trades with management’s vision, and much more. The system handles CRM, marketing, sales, decor, POs, construction, warranty, and accounting. The proactive customer support from Builder Lynx is best of breed. Our support team’s get-it-done and can-do attitude ensures our clients get more value from Builder Lynx everyday. We are proud to foster integrity, caring and honesty in everything we do. Weber Manufacturing Technologies Inc.
Weber supplies Fiberglass Door Skins to Tru Tech

Molded Fiberglass with Mahogany Grain

Weber Manufacturing is proud to announce our new partnership with Tru Tech Door Products as their supplier of compression molded fiberglass door skins and window frames used for their ‘Tru Grain’ Entry Door Series. The fiberglass skins are produced from Nickel Shell compression molds using our exclusive Weber Grain Technology. These molds perfectly replicate an authentic wood master using patented techniques and our Nickel Vapour Deposition Process. The Tru Grain fiberglass doors look and feel exactly like wood with the performance advantages of engineered fiberglass. You can view these exceptional entry doors at our exhibit located at W2134 or at the Tru Tech exhibit located at W1537. We are excited to continue working with Tru Tech on developing new products with innovative designs that only our Weber Grain Technology can offer. Weber strives to build long term customer relationships that evolve into partnerships to lead the industry in product quality and innovation. Quad-Lock Building Systems
Quad-Deck Advances Green Roof Technology

Quad-Lock’s Solution For Green Roofs

As owners and designers discover the many benefits of turning rooftops into beautiful and multifunctional landscapes, Quad-Lock provides them with yet another “leg to stand on”. The Quad-Deck pan forming system solves multiple problems faced by designers by providing a structural roof plane that is solid, rot resistant, and cost effective. Roof clear-spans exceeding 25 feet (7.6m) are possible that will support the loads imposed by both extensive and intensive green roof designs. Quad-Deck may even open the door to “urban agriculture” as it forms a stable and durable substrate made from solid reinforced concrete. Owners will continue to harvest benefits from the high insulation values provided by the Quad-Deck forms left in place. With a Quad-Deck green roof installation, it’s a ‘Win – Win” situation for builders, building owners, and the environment. As demand for sustainable building design increases, Quad-Lock continues to provide solutions. Shouldice Designer Stone
Hooked For Life

Mechanically Fastened Stone Veneers

Shouldice Designer Stone, established in 1947, is a third generation family business manufacturing an extensive spectrum of Full Bed Depth Stone Veneers. From Residential to Commercial the Designer Collection includes Stone complimented with the Charington Collection of accents, surrounds and details. In addition the Architectural Collection offers individual expression with polished glass smooth (Tapestry), stippled (Tex-Stone) and Rock Face (Rock-Stone) Masonry Units for the ICI market. For 2008 Shouldice offers their Full Bed Stone in Fusion Stone. Fusion Stone is Real Stone made thin and mechanically fastened to all wall assemblies. With no need for a footing or ledge to support Fusion Stone it can be installed over all existing veneers including siding, plaster and stucco. A whole new dimension in Stone Veneer is now available that transforms ordinary to extra-ordinary on all modes of construction. Fusion Stone may be installed by all trades including the DIY Individual and the built in drainage system guarantees dry wall assemblies. Amvic Building System
Building Outside the Box

Building Outside the Box

Amvic, the industry’s leading Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Manufacturer based in Toronto, ON introduces new products at the IBS. In addition to ICF and the AmDeck Floor & Roof SystemTM, Amvic now offers two NEW complementary products, the Amvic Buck System and Amvic Design Software (ADS), providing a comprehensive exterior building solution! Amvic has been rapidly innovating over the last few years to grow the company from just an ICF manufacturer to a complete ICF building solution provider. In addition to the constant product innovation, Amvic also greatly emphasizes the power of added value they offer through comprehensive technical information, technical testing, training and education. Norbord
Windstorm Wall Sheathing for High Wind Markets

Windstorm Wall Sheathing for High Wind Markets

Using Norbord’s Windstorm sheathing to meet the code requirements in high wind markets can save you up to $1,000 or more on each home. How? By reducing or eliminating stud to plate connectors, blocking and significant labor. We have the right size Windstorm panel for both slab and raised floor construction, and wall heights from 8’ right up to wall heights. Find out more by visiting us at booth W1533, or DAB HOMES
DAB Homes follows the NAHB Green Building Guidelines

All the framing is done in a controlled factory environment, with operations optimized for mass production, resulting in minimal material waste. The walls, floors and roofs are done with renewable and recyclable materials: wood and steel. All windows are double glazed, and have LowE and Argon gas for maximum energy efficiency. The house is completely windproof with a continuous housewrap air barrier, expanded foam sealants, caulking, and sill plate gaskets. The walls have R-20 insulation; the ceilings are R-40. DAB Homes manufactures prefabricated wall and roof systems that permits a house to be erected in one or two days. All manufacturing is done in Eastern Canada. Eclipse Technologies Inc.
Introducing SOLA™ Motorized Retractable Screen Systems

SOLA™ Motorized Retractable Screen System

Eclipse Technologies Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of SOLA™ Motorized Retractable Screen Systems. Our large application screens are manufactured only from high-grade, extruded aluminum, and can accommodate widths up to 20’ and heights up to 16’. SOLA can enhance your privacy while providing shading from the sun and protection from harmful U/V rays as well as keeping insects and other pests out. Every SOLA screen is customized for your unique requirements and applies to nearly any type of opening on both commercial and residential applications. Superior quality combined with a wide variety of colors, mesh options and accessories will make SOLA your favorite choice. You can find us in the South Hall Booth # S13118. Please contact us anytime at 1-877-532-5477 or email us at: Web site:

I posted the above, not to draw attention to the Builders show, but rather to draw you to the products available. While doing inspections, we are sometimes asked, or ask ourselves, how can this be done better? what is available to cut my costs but still maintain code compliance?
I know quite a few inspectors here are also contractors, as I am, so this information is really for you.

Brian Jones

I posted the above, not to draw attention to the Builders show, but rather to draw you to the products available. While doing inspections, we are sometimes asked, or ask ourselves, how can this be done better? what is available to cut my costs but still maintain code compliance?
I know quite a few inspectors here are also contractors, as I am, so this information is really for you.

Brian Jones

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