Canadian-friendly location verification. If we don't have your area... add it now.

i entered a four cities and abbreviated provices, got this reply.

Sorry, our system was not able to determine what kind of location you’re entering. If you’re trying to enter a Zip Code, please enter just the first 5 digits; if you’re trying to enter a postal code, please enter just the 6 numbers/letters without any spaces; if you’re trying to enter a city name, please enter it in the format “City, State” where “State” is the state’s 2-letter abbreviation.

are they now added to the system or do i have to add them some how

Got the same as Chad. It doesn’t work.

I typed in the town(s) and province and it worked for me.

i.e. Melville, Ontario

i tried with British Columbia. did not work either

You have to enter info in the correct format: Toronto, ON works fine, but Toronto or Toronto, Ontario will not work.

As Yuri stated, you have to enter the information correctly. For a city/province type it in:

City Name, Province Abbreviation (such as Vancouver, BC)

For a postal code type it in:

A#A#A# (such as M8V1T9)

Is there error message Chad posted not clear enough? If not, how can we change it to make it clearer?

Works for me.

Tried it again. Seen the case of the province has to be upper

Orangeville, On did not work
Orangeville, ON did work

Seems a little too picky to me.

Good point, Paul. Will fix.


worked fine for me after i read the first error report, lol

i wasnt using caps

I noticed that you don’t like them :mrgreen:

port alberni b.c.
worked for me.