Canadian IAC2 Question

I recently came upon this quote from the CMHC website which says “Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the American Industrial Hygiene Association do not recommend testing the air for molds in single-family dwellings and similar buildings as a first step. The recommended first step is having a trained investigator check your house for mold.”
According to the IAC2 SOP’s (5.7) in the Mold Sampling Decision Chart, it states that Indoor & Outdoor air samples should be taken when “No visible, apparent mold & no visible conducive conditions” exist.
My question is, if no conditions exist and no apparant
mold is observed, do other (Canadian) inspectors follow the IAC2 SOP’s or the CMHC recommendation?

Chris I was involved with the schooling that you are recognizing with CMHC as an observer. I was not impressed at what they said also in the Indoor Air Quality Investigator Course. Stick with the SOP from IAC2 it is more recognized than many know in CANADA, however don’t shout that from the roof top and keep it secret if you know what I mean.:smiley:
I will also say my reports have been in court and my clients one with no contesting.
What more proof can you have for IAC2.

Thanks for the info.

The EPA and the AIHA is recommending. If you have somebody who is sensitive to mold and wants testing no matter if the visual inspection is fine, than testing can be warranted.