canadian inspectors vs winter


Ok, as you all know, it’s my first year (started in March)…thing are going ok i guess …(2-3 inspections per week). my question is:

what can i expect for winter times?? do you guys have a steady flow of inspections all year long or in winter you do something else??



Stock up on nuts because winters are harsh!

Just kidding of course…it will depends a lot on the real estate market in your area, customer service and which association (s) you decide to aligned yourself with;).

January & December were slow months for me last year.

All the best,

I took a part time job over the winter for something to do, it was mainly evenings so it didn’t interfere with my inspection business, I just started up in January 2010 so I’m prepared for the slow times depending on our market.
Good Luck

I slow down, 2 weeks before Christmas and the first 2 weeks of Jan.
Seems to be my pattern so far.
As for winter, keep tall, closable boots and a broom in your truck. :slight_smile:

other associations? you mean there’s other than NACHI??..but how can this be? , i thought NACHI was the elite…loll

but seriously, if there’s a secret association that i need to get into please specify!! lolll :shock:

Too funny Patrick!

INACHI is the elite…but is American and not recognized by our government.

Surely, you have heard of the comment not to put all your eggs in the same basket or something to that effect;-):).


Inachi at least helps all Home Inspectors .
Unfortunatly this is not what is happening with many Candadian associations .
They are to** secretive** They do not follow proper proceddures and many of the directors are in this business to pad their own pockets .

: Looks to me like many directors of PHPIO /CAHPI are guilty… Roy

Conflict of Interest? I think this is covered well in in the book
> Primer for Directors My isue is 2002 and a newer issue is available No
> Charge on the net.
> .** resign where a director is a director of two corporations**,
> or serves as a director of one corporation and
> in another capacity in the other corporation, where
> the interests of the two entities are in conflict and
> it is apparent that the director cannot act in the
> interests of one corporation without acting against
> the interests of the other.
> Book Page 27 on bottom Right or #38 of 111 top of screen
> I have nothing to do with the running of these and am just a member to
> increase my knowledge and
> I know many home Inspectors belong to more then one Association .
> I do think this could defanatly stop many out siders from joining our
> association if this was to pass.
> I do think I can not serve two masters and feel others should not sit on
> the Board of more then one association .
> This is also what Industry Canada feels… Roy

so if nachi is not recongnized here…why the f*** …never mind i’m going for a walk…a freaking long one

No association is recognized here .
We have inspectors in my area who have taken zero courses and others who take many courses .
Some do no continuing education and others who do lots .
We have many associations in Ontario who are strictly for them selves and care less about other inspectors .

CAHPI is a prime example they have a nice magazine but do not allow non members to see it .

ASHI has a great amount of information available to all .

NACHI has an open section forum with lots of help

Roy, PHPIO also has great information here

Still a closed association that shares nothing with all other home inspectors and the industry .
All members must sign a confidentiality agreement to assure the priviacy of information NCA policy Manual 10.7
I know of no other association that has this .
Those who apply do not see the NCA policy manual before they join .
Now tell me again it is not a secret group.
Do they also have a secret hand shake ?
I find this interesting
PHPIO requires that all members become ‘National Certificate Holders’ this is a mandatory requirement to ensure that its members are above the crowd and true professionals. The best credential you can have in the home inspection profession is membership in PHPIO and the PHPI designation. Its members are widely recognized. Anyone interested in the business should become a Candidate Member as early as possible, so that the monthly mailings and meetings can enhance their competence and professionalism. Remember, your customer’s expectations will be very high. In order to meet those expectations, you will need to be very good and very careful. Sharing ideas and experiences with others in the business can be extremely valuable to the survival of your business

Patrick membership in any organization will not make you a better inspector. In fact it could be said that membership in some organizations has convinced some that they are better inspectors than they really are and that has gotten them into trouble. Only the individual can make himself a better inspector and the opportunities these associations offer to their membership may be a factor.

thx Goerge! for a moment the panic switch came on. because one thing i hate is doing things for nothing…i was affraid that passing the exams here and redoing all of the courses was for nothing…:mad:

i know i’m not the best and i still got a lot to learn, but i’m working like hell to improve…(i am not saying i’m bad…loll…no…) members here are so cool, and when i have questions they got the anwers.:wink:

i would like to go on an inspection with a pro, just to see if i’m doing things differently (i wish not!!!) lolll):shock::shock::shock:


Keep the path, you are doing well!

We should schedule an inspection or two so we can compare techniques, reports and shoot the ****…


Hi guys,

Winter has been very difficult for me as I’ve been recovering from bad facial paralysis caused by shingles! Yet, in my case, business has been fantastic! And talk about quality of clients! I would like to reassure Patrick that being an inspector in Quebec - or anywhere - is not about being part of an association. I started with InterNACHI (then Nachi) and then joined PHPIO and recently joined ASHI. I can categorically state that NO organization offers so much as InterNACHI, period! In my case, as in most Canadian Inspectors, the National Certification is the “Gold Seal” of the profession and is, in my opinion, mandatory! And PHPIO has been great to achieve this - even for inspectors located in Quebec!

The inspector makes the business and the best sales tool is still good old “mouth to ear”.

I’ve corresponded with you and will be in touch with you.

Keep the faith, Patrick

Gilles R. Larin

I will keep the faith Gilles!!!
and Marcel , i might take you up on that offer!! loll