Canadian National Occupational Standards Survey

In late 2000, as part of the CHIBO National Initiative, about a dozen well respected and experienced inspectors from across Canada met in Toronto for a full week of meetings to determine exactly what Home Inspectors do when they perform a Home Inspection. What they were trying to establish could be called our ‘Job Description’. The results of this marathon meeting became known as the National Occupational Standards for Home and Property Inspectors. (NOS) These standards were studied and eventually ratified and adopted by CHIBO and the CAHPI Steering Committee in 2001. Besides being a job description, the NOS also provided a blueprint for future decisions that would be made by almost all of the committees and councils that have been created as part of the National Certification Program. The NOS are the foundation upon which the entire program is built. Since rules, regulations, techniques and industry standards are subject to change, it was decided that the NOS would be reviewed about every five years to ensure they mirrored actual inspection functions and criteria. In February of this year, a select group of volunteers from across the country met to review the current NOS and suggest changes and improvements. The results of their efforts are reflected in the attached NOS Task Validation Survey, which we are attempting to get into the hands of as many Canadian practitioners as possible. We ask that you complete it and fax, e-mail, or mail it to the consultants before May 15, 2008. Their contact information is on the survey just click here NOSSurveyMarch2008Final.pdf . This is an opportunity for all Canadian Professional Home Inspectors, regardless of association or lack thereof, to have some input into our futures. Once the results of the survey are compiled, the new, updated NOS will be circulated. Thanks in advance for your help. Below is the list of those who were in the Focus Group: Bill Mullen, Chair (ON) Rose Marie Moore (BC) Wayne Christopher (ON) Brian Crewe (QUE) Harry Janssen (ON) Paul Blakey (BC) Paul Gullackson (AB) Paul Wilson (ON) Trevor Welby-Solomon (ON) Vince Burnett, Vice Chair (BC) Mike Guihan (NL)

How far have we come since then .

There has been about 1,000 ~ posts and many questions asked and?
They last I heard there are 156 ~ who are National Certified.
They still have not posted the names of who is or an actual amount of who they are.
We have been told that they are not going to give us any more information. Every thing I read say to go to the NCA site and it still tells us nothing .
So much effort has gone into this and the returns look to me a lot like the returns from the Big Conference at whistler 2004? that was going to get all who took the Course be able to make $2,000;00 per inspection .
That to was a heart breaking effort and a lot of expense for those who went to Whistler.


Remember Whistler
Bill has a big anouncement comming soon

Roy Unfortunately the reality is that inspectors will have to decide how professional they want to be seen. You can join an association with low standards and you can join an association which has high entry requirements. Everyone is free to join what association the may wish, after all it has boiled down to a business decision and not a professional decision. Cheers,

Yes sir Mr. Professional Sir. :roll::roll::roll:

Like I tell many of our clients there is no such thing as perfection .
My wife is as close as I have ever found to perfection and I only give her a 9.9 .

I have tried the rest and I feel NACHI is still the best.

Michael I am afraid you don’t measure up ole chum! Too bad!

I am curious as to what point you are trying to make.

The NOS is a document which attempts to define the occupational standards of a home inspector. It is available now for any home inspector to read and comment on.

National Certification is a voluntary assessment which is available for any home inspector should he or she choose to go through the process.

What I like about the NCA is that anyone can apply for it, a bit like anyone can apply to get a driver’s license. I think it creates a level playing field.

Nice post but I would like to know what it is that is voluntary.
It seems to me no one will tell us what it is and how many are in and why the names are not posted and what a person who goes for it can expect .
Just some simple answers would be great .
Thanks …Cookie

Voluntary: acting by choice, done or made without compulsion or legal obligation.

All the information about the process has already been posted many times over. I went through it (and survived) and in the process I met some very nice and knowledgeable home inspectors.

Strange how some say this I wonder why it is not published again for all to see .
This is NACHI where the same questions get asked regularly and they get the answers again.
I wonder why these NCA supporters are so restrictive in this information.

Thanks for the usual evasion…Cookie

Roy, in Atlantic Canada, 16 out of 50 (32%) CAHPI listed HI’s have NCH after their name on the website. Of course, many others will earn it over time as they work up through the system to RHI (1.5 to 3 years or so) and probably go on to NCH. 16 out of 27 RHI’s (59%) are NCH’s.