Canadian reporter asking about associations. Help, I need the facts.

OAHI, Pay your dues $$$, take their courses $$$. Then maybe they might let you be a home inspector. Pretty much sums it up.:shock:

The fax copy of their application is no different than the one online. I have read it with a staffer here several times.

I guess Paul and I were wrong. OAHI has absolutely no entrance requirements whatsoever.

Student Members, Applicants (practicing home inspectors) and Associate Members… No Entrance Requirements for any of them. Wow.

As Roy said earlier, all you need is $$$$$, and lots of it. By the time you complete all the mandatory courses (that they happen to offer) you would be out several thousand $$$.

8th item down.


Those aspiring to become Home Inspectors will have their credentials assessed and reviewed by the Board of Examiners when they submit their supporting documentation with their Application for Membership. PLEASE NOTE THAT SUCH ASSESSMENTS ARE NOT DONE FOR the public (non-members), and exemption questions cannot be answered on the telephone, but are decided in committee.

Another strange thing is the OAHI courses are very very expensive and most just happen to be taught by existing or past members of the Board of Directors .
I have been told that most are making much more money from teaching then they ever did from home inspections .
I was so sure that there is serious discrepancies that I asked for a full Forensic audit and I would pay for the whole thing if the books balanced .
I understand this could have cost me up to $15,000:00 for a full and proper audit .
No one ever tried to take me up on it .
Many of this group are now trying to convince the Canadian Home Inspectors that the NATIONAL CERTIFICATION will be best for all.
So Strange when we try to get information it is not forth comming .
I really do think this is a secret society who are in only for the Money Honey

Roy Cooke

OAHI is a closed door association they have maintained the membership level for RHIs at just over 200± for many years .

Roy Cooke

Closed door all right. I am wondering if Bill Pr 158 was created just for that reason…to try and shut the door on every non OAHI inspector in the province.

Either way in actuality the act is very weak, its voluntary, it grants members to oversee themselves and report to themselves. In no way is OAHI anywhere near the status of a Public Authority, it wants to be seen as a Public Authority however. The only way home inspectors will ever become part of a Public Authority is through licencing.

The check marks on the right side appear to me to indicate that an Associate Member has to take some courses to be an Associate or does the Associate take them after he becomes an Associate?

What else does one have to fulfill to go from an Applicant Practicing Inspector to an Associate Member?

Agreed…Oahi would have everyone believe that Bill Pr 158 somehow makes them the only game in town.


As you can see for yourself its rather complicated. I have yet to fully understand the entry requirements. It is convoluted and the Board of Examiners and Admissions Review Committee is responsible for the admission requirements. Given the history of this committee and its make up, it purposely operates under its own mandate and pretty much in secret.

Of the committee members Mr. Silverthorn is not even a member. Of the rest it pretty much addresses why things are in a mess and why it operates pretty much the way it does. Everyone knows that the report verifier reviews reports to his own standards and well beyond the SOP.

Admissions Review Committee / Board of Examiners

Mandate: To assess member’s credentials, and to make recommendations to the membership on all matters of an educational nature including development of courses, seminars, programs, and related activities.
Andrew Bennett
Terry Carson
Andrew Dixon
Glenn Gogal
Carl D. Inglis
Kirk Iredale
Andrew Radomski
Doug Silverthorn


I would be happy to speak to the reporter if they need further info.

The only course that you must take with OAHI is the DEFECT course,because they are the only ones that offer it.All other courses are offered by them as well,but are offered at most colleges.

This is the part that they love,as a student member you are offered a discount on cost of courses.


I have an information package,I had to purchase this for about $25.00

Will see you in Barrie next week.



Important points are:

  1. Pay your $$$ roughly 300.00 bucks
  2. You have to start as a Student member which they say you cannot be practicing HI
  3. You must take some courses one of which is only available from OAHI which is the defect Recgonition Course which is around $500 bucks and all they do is tell you,… you can get sued for this, or this or this. Complete crap!
  4. You have to submit a status upgrade which cost close to $300 bucks all said and done which also takes up to 3 months!
  5. To become a RHI you have to have completed all the required courses and inspections and then take the big test!


You also must submit reports for verification I think the charge is $35 and then you must be prepared to wait, and then you must have your report reviewed by a person who is not qualified to review your reports to meet sops because he reviews above the SOP. If you get on the wrong side of the report viewer you will have to submit more reports $$$.

This arcticle explains the cost for report verification.

When I sent in my reports they made a big deal on my insulation sheet
for insulation It is marked
( this was the only complaint he could find )
( Rvalue/ depth ). I stroked out Rvalue and put in 10.
Well the person who marked my report called me and gave me a hard time because I had not put in the word Inches after 10 .
Canada had gone metric and I was raised on feet and inches
( still only use feet and inches )
I could not believe he could be so silly .
He passed my reports but still had to say remember mark in Inches .
So small have to find some thing wrong all the time .
Roy Cooke…So Glad to be a NACHI member