Canadian reporter asking about associations. Help, I need the facts.

Level heads will prevail in the end. We all have to work together to make the industry a better place for the consumer. Cutting up one group or the other does not help the public and as much as we are in business for profit, our ultimate goal is to aid the buying public to make a decision based on our report. To demean the industry in any way is counterproductive to the goal.

It seems to me that NACHI is equal to or better then other HI assoc.
The wording of the above says to me that you have a Superior attitude and that NACHI must submit. Well that will not happen. If you had invited NACHI’s input as a partner maybe the responce to your invitation would have been more positive.

Sorry Claude. Must be thick today. What “is what I meant”?

Nick do we have a brochure that outlines all the qualifications required to be certified by NACHI and to become a CMI?

The reason I’m asking is that there seems be be a lot of misinformation about NACHI’s standards.
My plan is to distribute the brochere to all the real estate offices along with a list of all the NACHI certified HI’s in this area.

Can you help me out here?

George, Maybe it was a Freudian slip.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

The best way to contact NICK or NACHI at any time is …** This gets immediate attention ,. **
Nick does not get to read all post’s but I am surprised how well he does . for more info on CMI

Roy Cooke

Freud wore a slip? Kinky. :wink:

Hey Nick, here is another half hearted attempt at good SOP, but they don’t come close to Nachi’s

How come the BCIP so little members?

Roy I have sent two emails to the fast reply and have not got a reply. Not very fast. Fast is a reply within 24 hours.

I have to admit this is very unusual for NICK to not have answered Immediately ,48 hours is bad . Sorry Roy Cooke

James I saw many members listed through out BC. Some may be duplicate listings for territories covered. This seems to be the favoured association by BC government by all accounts? I read one consultants report (independent) and the conclusion was licencing was the best long term solution.

What do you think will happen to your business with licencing? Are they only going to accept ASTT members or BCIPI members to exclusion of others with licencing?

What role does Nachi play in this unfolding situation in BC? Who is looking out after you and your Nachi members in BC?


Still no reply.

Nick check out these links to OAHI, they highlight what is required to be a member in anyone of their 3 levels.

I know alot of people here are not happy with OAHI and I know I have my issues, but in all honesty it is not that easy to join.

The Admissions Review and BOE (Board of Examiners) seems to be a power unto themselves. From what I saw as Discipline Chair they acted like they had their own little fiefdom within OAHI. There are some pretty big egos on that Committee. I remember one P2P franchisee that is on this committee trying to tell me that P2P had the best report system. He didn’t like it when I told him to his face that Carson Dunlop Report far exceeded P2P report. :slight_smile:

Maybe some of you will recognize some of the names and the egos that go with them. :wink:


Admissions Review Committee / Board of Examiners**

Mandate: To assess member’s credentials, and to make recommendations to the membership on all matters of an educational nature including development of courses, seminars, programs, and related activities. I can’t even find the last member on the OAHI membership listing.

Andrew Bennett 

Terry Carson
Andrew Dixon
Glenn Gogal
Carl D. Inglis
Kirk Iredale
Andrew Radomski
Doug Silverthorn