Canadian-specific Home Maintenance Book

What do you think of that idea?
Do you think we could adapt this book for specifically Canadian homeowners?
Is there enough Canadian-specific content to add?
Would you be interested in providing Canadian-specific content?
Maybe a red and white cover with a maple leaf.

Just wondering…

You should take a look at this offering from CMHC. At $6.95 it is a lot of competition for your publication and has the double advantage of not being an adapted American book and being a product of the Canadian government agency.


That’s a good one.
However, it’s got none of the benefits of my book. One major benefit is that the book was written to protect InterNACHI inspectors.

My book title says everything “Now that you’ve had a home inspection…” The books sets the client’s perspective towards focusing on their responsibility as homeowners. The responsibility of the home inspector is over (essentially). It’s now time for your client to take over… now that they’ve had a home inspection.

And for $2, my book is a giveaway without adding overhead. Raise your price $3. No one will blink an eye. Let your client pay for their own book.

I use ours. My clients like the Canadian style.
Have for years.
A nice freebee.

T.Neyedli CHI
BPCPA #47827

I like the idea of adapting the book and making sure that it covers our rules, although building codes are different from Province to Province, so it would still have to be quite general.

That said, I don’t like the idea of a red & white cover with a Maple leaf on it. That, to me anyway, just screams “American book trying to be Canadian!!!” By all means have a different cover, but not red/white & maple leaves. Why not the same cover, but greens instead of blue (I think this fits because many of the tips in the book are aimed at being more green and saving energy costs…)

I agree with you Terry. Right or wrong, many Canadians prefer and in many cases will pay a premium for, a ‘real’ Canadain publication, especially when it is as good as this one.