Canadians view on NY licensing

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We attended the Rochester NY Meeting and listened to a presentation from Susan Johns a NY assembly woman about the new licensing coming to NY. They have some great ideas that I thought where sensible . They are setting up an advisory Council and Continuing education of six members to help guide this procedure. She stated a larger group is not always better. It will be three Home Inspectors and three Consumers One of which could be a real-estate member . There will be no fees cost to be covered by the Government at this time .There will be Grandfathering but with a variety of factors ( example how long doing inspections, past education , amount of inspections. ) Keep all the documentation ,information and proofs that you have .

They are trying to make sure there is no litigation . They do not want to interfere with any ones property rights and the ability to earn a living.They are trying to make sure ALL existing home inspectors know what is coming . It looks like if you have been doing inspections for three years you could be grandfathered in only one year you might have to take an exam . There is notification of regulations for existing inspectors. Contact your local member of parliament where is this going and when.

No E&O required at this time Liability only and it needs passage of the law. No E&O Stops law suits.Those inspectors taking advantage of the public will be out of business. . Regulation to be handled by three organizations .Mandate Inspectors after license to be a consumer organization. They hope to have a national registry and have a greater standard for inspectors.

Please forgive me for the information I left out I took notes but Susan Johns was a wealth of information and I do appreciate the effort that was put forward and how all questions where answered where possible and expect she would get the answer for those who did send their questions to her .
I love the way the Rochester Group and the EX from NACHI ran this meeting it was well worth the trip from Canada.
I like what NY and others are trying to do for the betterment of the Home inspection industry .
I do hope we In Canada can learn and do many of the things that is being suggested in NY.

Roy Cooke sr .. A Happy NACHI member..