Canadian's warn the U.S... Gun registration leads to confiscation.

Good info thanks… Nick

Sounds like a branch network of FOX; no actually worse. The commentator must be the son of the Ahole that “debated” Pierce Morgan on CNN. He was so out of control it set the gun lobby back about 20 years.

There is mental illness problem in the USA- it’s called the “gun culture” mentality. My biggest fear is that it spreads to Canada.

-Let’s have lots of ordinary citizens carrying concealed guns to use when they feel they must.

-Let’s have armed guards at doors of all schools, universities, arena, stadiums,shopping malls, and arm our kids from, say, 10 years and up!!! That’ll shut’em up!!

Change the culture! The high gun death rates will start to drop dramatically.

Our main goal isn’t to cause current death rates to drop. Our goal is to maintain our ability to increase the death rates of a tyrant’s army… should that ever be required (and historically… it has been required).

How about we change the culture before we institute more gun control.

Let’s start with banning rap music.

Are you in?

What do you suppose would happen if they did?

just think if we did not guns in the US we would still be British

Nick what is a tyrant ?

Today’s tyrant will have no resistance as it is all done through brainwashing.
Look at all the laws passed that the majority agree with through many years of propaganda.

Cook County is getting ready to pass a low sugar law for crying out loud.

Rom E. comes to mind.

That was 235 years ago! Are you still living that far in the past? We Canadians had to have a lot of guns to defend against a certain southern nation is 1812… but we don’t live in the past now

BTW, with the size of the US armed forces, you don’t have to worry about an invading force anytime in the near future, so why all the guns floating around the populace?..gun culture mentality… ~11,000 gun deaths/year…it’s truly sad for a progressive modern technological society!

The answer to your question can be found in the first 1/2 of it.

Tyrants that take control of a country typically do it by deputizing a country’s military, at least initially.

Incorrect. The Constitution wasn’t fully ratified until 1791. So it wasn’t only written for King George, it was written to address future tyranny, namely from our own government.

The spirit of the second amendment is to remind our own government that the citizens have a god-given right to shoot back at them with assault weapons and that this pre-existing right may not be infringed upon, ESPECIALLY by the government which employs the very people we may need to use those assault weapons on.

Are you freaking serious,you definitely live back in the 50s I suppose you didn’t even want Elvis to be shown on TV. Different music different times. Perhaps you should reboot your brain.
And this is coming from the man that want less government less control. You are nothing but a hypocrite.that would be an infringement on free speech that you cherish so much