Anyone want to share their % of cancellations? Lately mine has been close to 50%. People book then move the appt. or cancel altogether.

1 or 2 a month (my days off)

Less than 5% of my inspections are cancelled. I have about 10-15 cancellations a year.

I would suggest informing client of your cancellation policy when booking the inspection.

Thanks. Actually they give plenty of notice. I will try that.

Interesting as that very seldom happens to me. Can’t explain other than I always explain that I am always booked out several days and I need to confirm that they are aware of my cancellation policy and that I understand uncontrollable issues but want to insure they understand that the scheduled date and time is not in pen until I receive a signed contract.
Seems this expedites the contract signing and maybe that causes a mental note of more permanency. If they have any doubt they will often say let me sure up or call my realtor before committing.
Not sure if this explains why but I rarely have a cancellation. And if I do it’s a financing issue

50% is way too much. They may be going with a cheaper inspector, but they should be understanding the consequences of doing so.

Are you sure you are selling yourself as the ***best ***choice? I’m rarely cheapest, and probably have a 95% close rate on an inspection call. I’ve had two cancellations in 2 1/2 yrs.

I make sure to know who I’m competing with or what they are looking for (price or quality) before I get too far into the call. Close 98% of calls but have had lots cancel for reasons such as…“My financing fell through”, “I have travel for work next week and can’t be present”, “the condo board hasn’t repaired X yet, have to postpone inspection for a week”, “I booked the inspection for Saturday but now want it done tomorrow and you’re not available”

I suppose that could happen, maybe it’s just coincidental right now, but your clients are usually under some kind of time constraint to make the inspection happen. People can be ridiculous, right? Try calling the cable company and telling them you can’t be home that day, either come tomorrow or later next week.

I think my cancellations were all “My financing fell through”. ugh! :twisted:


It would make it easier to answer your questions if we knew where you were from.

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Calgary, Alberta

There are generally 3 reasons why inspections get canceled; and it is rare for me.

  1. Found an inspector who charges less. (Good luck).
  2. Buyer could not get a loan. (Good for you, that you did not waste your time).
  3. Inspector’s time slot did not work for us. (Pick your poison on that excuse).

Most cancelations work into your favor. Do not lose sleep over it.

I get maybe one a week, not really a cancellation, just a postponement.

My cancellation policy is, “If you have to cancel, don’t worry about it. I’m not here for me, I’m here for you. And if you have to cancel the day of the inspection, I’ll simply spend some time at the Zoo, Safari Park, SeaWorld, or one of our many magnificent beaches.” That usually makes them jealous and they wind up making me work so that I can’t have any fun…lol

I won’t lose any sleep over it. Thank you for your comments! I feel like asking for a cc number to confirm the appt. to see how serious they are. I agree sometimes I may be better off, after all not all customers are good for business.