Still have people wanting to move their appts around all the time. We book the appt. then they call back later and want to change it to another day. Happened with almost every inspection this week.

Are you guys asking any questions during the first call that helps the client nail down a specific time, for example, when do the conditions need to be met?

What are the reasons for them moving the times?

Current owner uncomfortable with inspection. She is older and nervous about strangers in the house. I told my client to have her call me to explain the process. But everything on hold until that clears up.

Also, one is waiting for insurance quote plus current owners are not available at that time. Moving all these appts is a pain. What can I ask to confirm a time?

Those issues sound like things the Realtor should have known about ahead of time. If the client is the one scheduling the inspection ask them if they are represented by a Realtor and if the Realtor has made the necessary arrangements for the inspection to happen at the time they would like to schedule.

At times the client will jump the gun on scheduling an inspection without the other parties involved aware.

I always send a courtesy email to the buyers agent and the listing agent after the inspection is scheduled as well.

I actually make contact with the buyers realtor right after any call to schedule with a client and immediately after the phone call I follow up with an intro letter that included info about apt date and time and a request for confirmation BEFORE I ink in my schedule.
Always note in conversations that you are very busy and need to sure this up, " I’ll pencil you in Mr client but be sure your agent confirms ASAP so I can hold your spot .

You need to create the since or urgency for the client, this actually brings more validity in there minds that they have the right inspector… He’s busy… And I enjoy working with the realtors so contact with them usually gets it done and helps them remember me later…

Just a few suggestions , and in the end some adjusting cant be avoided you just try to minimize as much as you can on your end.

It is rare that anyone moves in my schedule. We get a rare cancelation, but maybe only 5 per year. People understand that the schedule is tight.

I agree with George. I have my days tightly scheduled. I set up my days in 3 time slots. I like to start my morning inspections at 8:00 or 9:00, my afternoon inspections at 1:00 or 2:00 and my evening ones at 5:00. When people call I first try to get an idea of what their time frames are as well as any other relevant information such as expectations and whether or not they want to attend the inspection. Then I give them 2 or 3 options based on MY availability. I try to schedule as soon as possible because you never know when an influx of calls will be coming in.

Get paid in advance then hold them to it.

You will be amazed at how s h i t will be changed around when money is on the line. Folks will not let the part time realtors jerk them around when THEIR money is on the line.

Folks change their whole schedule to save a few bucks.


My stress level has dropped by 90% on insurance inspections by collecting cash or money order upon my arrival before I begin.

I actually do that on everyone except existing customers that do not come off as jerks and it puts the POWER in my hands where it is deserved due to my life experience.

Example is NEVER give your best price or sale price to those who call and want it done on the same day. ALWAYS charge them a premium for that type of service.

If you do not you are being walked on and APPEAR desperate and willing to do anything for a buck.

Just my opinions but makes me feel better and at 43 and that is all that matters.

That is the main reason I will not do work for many other inspectors that need help and such with additional wind mits. I do not wish to have to be a yes man for someone else. I decide What I will Do and for who based on HOW THEY ACT. A s s holes get NOTHING from me :slight_smile:

One of my first questions is “When have you entered your option period?” If they don’t have the executed contract in hand for the house, I do not schedule the appointment and explain why. I have had very few re-schedules since I started asking the questions.
The only times I really have to change the appointment time is on phase inspections. It’s been quite frequent lately, but not a huge deal as these don’t take a much time as full inspection and I’m usually in the area doing another inspection.

I am having the same problems here. I have also found they will continue calling until they find an inspector to do it quicker. Then they call back and cancel. I swear I am contemplating taking a deposit when scheduling. I know of one inspector here that takes full payment at the time of scheduling and I am sure he does not have these issues.

happens every now and again. Biggest issue is foreclosures and trying to get utilities turned on, especially when government is involved and they dont do as promised over and over and over and over