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Does anyone know who these Turkeys are? I keep receiving their advertising.

**Exclusive Professional Home Inspector Opportunity!!! **
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**Offer Expires Wednesday May 31st 2006!!! **

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I have seen it a couple of times .
I believe it is some one in eastern Ontario who is trying to get into the
For sale by owner market and is trying to con Home Inspectors to give him money .
Not for me but just wait you will see some will more then likely give them money .
Roy Cooke sr… R.H.I…

Ray, I received at least three times this e-mail. In my opinion - it’s just waste of money. Wondering who are home stagers and what do they do?

Home stagers are folks who go in and spruce up the place prior to listing so that it shows well. You often see these people doing their staging on Home and Garden TV channel.

I have a neice . . . niece? . . . . daughter of my sister , in London Ontario who does this ( the staging not the spamming) She is pretty good at it but is finding that ( and this sounds oh so familiar) everyone who is looking for a carreer after being laid off at G.M. or Timmy’s or whatever is getting into this hot opportunity.

Maybe CAPHI should look into the possibilities of licensing ??!!!?

George your humor sometimes is the greatest.
Thanks for a big morning chuckle .

(Maybe CAPHI should look into the possibilities of licensing ???) …
I wonder who they could get to write the exam .
$100.00 Plus GST Next month only 6% = $106.00
Roy Cooke sr…

Here is another one, that comes to me at least twice a month:

If you are going to advertise on the Internet – essential today – you might as well be seen in ALL the best places. is the new sister site of, our award winning web site attracting your target audience and receiving over 700,000 hits per month. To introduce our newest wed site, if you sign up now, your ad will be included on BOTH web sites for one low price!..
…AND, your ad in our Home Inspector Directories will be more than just listings. They will each include an attractive graphic banner, company information, and contact information, with live links to your web site and/or email making it very easy for potential customers to reach you. If you do not have a logo or graphic, our art department will build you a unique graphic banner to be placed with your listing …no additional charge…
…And, if you act now, advertising in our 2 Home Inspection Directories is extremely affordable. At only $60USD/year, the cost to your company is less than half of what you would pay for a cup of coffee each week… a $60 savings.
We are currently receiving over 700,000 hits per month from your target audience – buyers and sellers of real estate. Our directories at are very prominently visible on our main page, search pages, and every state listing page on our web site, and we encourage our sellers to use our directories in our welcome messages to them. And is totally focused on individuals and companies specifically looking for home inspectors.
To place your ad for both sites is quick and easy. Go to or order.html and fill out the form. We will build your ads and have them ready for review on both web sites within 24 hours.
We are always available to welcome suggestions for maximizing opportunities for our advertisers, their services, and the people who will be using them. We do hope you will join us.
Karin and Dennis

Interesting that their second link comes unavailable all the time. You can’t put too much faith in such ads, can you?:wink:


sometimes the greatest.” ?
I am hurt.:frowning: