What happened to Cannachi? The site has disappeared

Gone from mine as well. Maybe defunct.
That was $367.50 well spent.

Down for maintenance will be up again by start of next week

Thanks Allen.


Everything’s been back up for a few days. It was down for upgrades for a few hours.

Why does the Cannachi site say it’s not affiliated with the American based Inter-Nachi or NACHI?


I want to know also , and whats is taking so long for answers, the original question dplummer was posted 11/7/09

Because it isn’t affiliated. It is it’s own stand alone organization. My understanding they wanted to keep it separate, so when it came to negotiations with the Govt. CAPHI and OAHI and others couldn’t point a finger and say it just NACHI in disguise. Anymore than that you’ll have to ask Allan or one of the other board members.

Why we did not reply to this is if you read on CanNACHI’s home page it says it is not affiliated with Inter-NACHI.
We are a Registerd Non-profit Canadian Association