Cannot pass the inspector exam any advice?

Does anyone have any advice to pass the 120 question inspector exam? I’ve tried about 6 times. Every time I get around 75 or better. I think it is absolute trickery. I understand that we should know what we are talking about but when the exam is designed for you to fail it’s unfair. Yes I’ve completed all of the courses and have been studying. But every time the questions change and the answers are designed to trick you. Some questions have multiple right answers but I’m not sure which one is “right.” I think its an absolute scam that I get 76 right and just because I didn’t get 4 more right I can’t pass. Most sections I got between 70%-80%. Any advice would help. Thanks.

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This isn’t little league soccer. You don’t get a trophy for trying. You need to study harder. There is no way around it. Take the classes again, try a few practice inspections, dig deeper on issues you aren’t getting right.


I wasn’t asking for a trophy for trying. I know this isn’t little league soccer. I asked for any helpful advice not a rude comment. But I’ll take the advice and improve thank you.


What is your background? What is your experience? Do you have any at all? It’s going to be damned hard for you if you don’t. Did you get sucked in by all the ad’s and promises of ‘riches beyond your wildest dreams’? Be honest!

You should be a bit more respectful and thicken your skin. No one is being rude at all.

Think about this:
How is anyone here going to be able to advise you on how to pass a test if you can’t do it on your own.

Good luck to you


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I wasn’t being rude…ok maybe a LITTLE. You asked a question you knew the answer to though. How do you pass a test? The only way to pay test is to know the answers. Everyone knows that. The only way to know the answers is to study harder.

When a question that has multiple right answers and a best answer, if you don’t know the best answer, then you don’t know the material quite well enough. While the NHIE can be a little tricky in that regard, the NACHI one is not.

Joshua, I rally don’t think Juan was being rude, trust me he could be much more if he wanted to, he is a spunky dude, but does know his HI sh…i.t.

But like others have mentioned if you don’t have any related background and have already failed several times then you probably wont make a good inspector, or wont make any good money. Contrary to what some say this is NOT an easy profession to make money at.

I personally felt the nhie was easy to pass, I will admit it has some stupid and poorly written questions but still is easy.


There is your problem right there…

I guess you misconstrued this as one of your inalienable rights.

Those damn tricky tests, they are out there just to block you…
… how did all these Inspectors here manage?
There are a lot of crappy Inspectors here, and they passed the test. So your saying your a great Inspector, you just can’t take tests?

There are a lot of crappy divers on the road out there.
Thank God we don’t have to share the road with the ones that didn’t pass the drivers testing.

Must someone bust you in the head with a rude comment before you consider that just maybe your not a good candidate for your chosen profession?

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Actually, you must understand the question to know the answer.

How many come here wanting a narrative on something, and they have no idea what that “something” is?

I assume your referring to InterNachi’s exam, not the NHIE exam, correct?

How many INachi courses have you taken? Have you taken and passed (with at least 80% score) all of the roofing, structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.

Damn I am finding myself agreeing more and more with Jeff lately.

Best advice is take the courses again and again. Print out the quiz sheets with the correct answers and then use them as a study guide before taking the exam. What is you background? I have been in construction my whole life and took the test as fast as I could just for fun and not even thinking about joing and I passed. That being said I think you need the experience of taking the courses and reviewing ALL the quizzes you have before taking the test. Just read the question and correct answer BEFORE you take the test. Same method I used for my G.C. Test. Now you want to talk about being hard the Florida G.C. is hard. Took me a few tries.

Good luck that is the best advice I can give. House of horrors if you are anywhere near Boulder. I “think” they have a virtual way to go through it. Ask here I am sure someone has done it. They are building one her in Florida and I am going to spend a lot of time there when it is done and I will be doing it just to make myself better. Electric is my weakest point but once they get that done i’ll be an ace at it I guarantee it. I might also suggest taking the courses on the largest Monitor you can find as much of the info is visual and hard for old guys like me to see on a laptop 48. I had a hell of a time with the Stucco course and I spent my whole life in the biz I just could not see well enough on my laptop to pass. Went into the office with big monitor and passed.

One thing to keep in mind, the 120 question test is just the beginning.

One is going to need to know way way more than the few things covered on that test. An inspector has to be able to research answers, look up codes, and get additional training/education on your local building standards to perform home inspections.

The test is but one stepping stone across a rather vast sea to being a successful home inspector.

Joshua, email me


   On the courses that you scored the lowest on, let's say Structural ... Go back and take your time studying again, but do it more often. Have fun learning the material, so that it sticks with you. I have failed many times in different aspects of my life but I never fully gave up. Listen to these guys on the InterNACHI forum (they are Awesome in so many ways). Being a successful home inspector is hard and time demanding. 

Wishing you the best man. Have more confidence the next time you take the exam.

I would take Nick up on any offer he has for you. He is a great guy and will do damn near anything to help inspectors.

These are good study guides

Maybe take some night courses about construction at a community college.

Ding… Ding… Ding… Ding… Ding… Ding!!!
I suspect the OP has ZERO experience of any kind, and is trying to pass the exam on “book smarts”. Even if he gets lucky and eventually passes, he will fail miserably if he never gets any real knowledge beyond the courses Nachi provides. Nachi is more of a refresher course than a technical study, which the technical is what he needs.

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