Can't find bonding screw

I’m still in the process of getting licensed and certified. During a mock inspection today, I looked at my first panel. Aside from a number of issues I found, I can’t find a bonding screw. Am I missing something obvious?

The easiest way is to look at the label inside the panel.

It was a little worn

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Probably this:

I saw that too it appears to be green but it looks like all that it’s bonding is the plastic. :grinning:

It did look green in that photo but I did not see a green screw anywhere in the panel.

Well! I’d havta’ know if this was the main or other…Yep!

Sorry for the lack of info Roy. This is the main panel and from what I can read on the worn label it is a Square D QON 40NM 200 load center.

Isn’t the red stranded wire bonding it at the entry?

… …A

Plastic doesn’t bond well ha! :sunglasses:

Would that be an acceptable way to bond the panel?

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Yes at the main.

Thank you all

There appears a screw under the paper wrapping/sheathing, that would be the bonding screw. Look at my previous reply again.

Thanks Simon. That diagram is more legible than the original.

The red wire would be a Supply Side Bonding Jumper. It ensures the continuity of the Service Entrance Raceway. It is not the Main Bonding Jumper (Screw) that everyone is looking for.