Can't find????

where is that thread about different types of mold removal products. I can’t find it and it was from a while ago. Heck, I can’t remember section or thread title. Anyone remember?

We call it Google Randy where I live…

No Brian, it was a discussion right here on this board! It was very informing and contained a product that I Googled but with no success. I need to find the thread because I think thats the only way I will remember this products name. Thanks for the link though I looked at the same one about an hour ago with no luck. Brain fart central I guess!

You do know there is an Indoor Air Quality thread don’t you Randy??:smiley:

Yep! Tried that already! Seached for a while and just thought asking would get me there faster. But I see that is not the case. Remember when one could ask a question and get about 20 answers in no time? Oh well! Thanks for the help just the same.:slight_smile: