Cant register with

Hi guys,
I tried to register with and it says my username isn’t recognized or Im not authorized to use it. I am a current member of InterNACHI and a CPI. I tried my name, my name with no spaces, my email address and my membership number. I kept getting the same message. Am I missing something?
I appreciate the help.

oops, my bad
I figured out what I did wrong.

Please share. It may help others.

Thanks, Greg. :smile:

It was a silly mistake. I had written down my username wrong. I recorded my first and last name, but it was in fact my first initial and last name.


I am having the same problem, the username is the email or something else?

Ask at .

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So, somebody straighten me out here, what’s the advantage to uploading the report to a remote location and then giving someone a download link? Why not just email it to them and let them distribute it as they see fit?

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