Can't see thumbnails

In around 10% of posts I can see the thumbnails.

In around 60% of posts I can see a “-” for each pic,and if I cursor over it I can pop up the pic.

In around 30% of posts there is no visiable indication of the pic, but if I cursor over the place where it should be untill the pic’s address appears in the address bar, I can pop up the pic.

Same in both IE and Firefox, no pop-up blockers I’m aware of are active.

Any suggestions?

Michael…whew!! I thought it was just me and my new IE7 and I’ve been doing everything I could think of to fix it. It must be a BB issue of some kind.

Bump!..are Michael & Michael the only one’s experiencing this issue? I was hoping the BB upgrades over the last day or so would correct this but, nope.