Capacity help

Can anyone determine the capacity of this Carrier natural gas air handler 58STA090-10116, it is paired up with a 3.5 Ton Payne condensing unit 38BRCO42330?

90k btu furnace

Do you have any numbers off the indoor A/C coil section?

Just the air handler itself 58STA090-10116.
Okay if this one is 90k btu than what about the upstairs Carrier air handler CNRVP3014ATAAAAA, paired up with the outside condensing Payne unit PA13NR030-K?

Thanks for your assistance.

I am guessing 30k BTU

Greg -

Prestons Guides will help if you get one.

Gas furnace is 90K input. Second one seems to be variable speed indoor blower, electric furnace with 14 KW elec. heat with blower capable of matching up to 30K BTU cooling.