Cape Cod roof Ice/water Shield

Now I know ice and water shield on the roof eaves needs to extend 24 inches beyond the finished interior wall. What about for Cape Cod style houses that have pony walls that move the upstairs finished wall a good distance away from the outside walls of the first floor? Does the ice barrier need to keep extending from the bottom eave all the way up the roof until 24 inches past the upstairs pony wall?

Darell, that is a great question! The international code is a bit vague in this regard. Therefore, the answer would depend on your area and the building department, of which some have appended and recommended to go beyond the knee (pony) wall. They may want to see the I&W extend 24" inside the knee wall and not just the first story exterior wall. You don’t really want to call it out if the building department doesn’t :slight_smile: Contact them and let us know what you find out.

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