No a CAPHI inspector did this!!!

No a CAPHI inspector did this!!!

Get off the guys case. He screwed up just like anyone of us could have done. This case just proves there are bad inspectors in all associations including OAHI and CAHPI and NACHI and ASHI! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Hit a nerve did we. The great CAPHI strikes again.

Blah blah blah

Dear fellow NACHI members,

Since taking control of user account “gilstrachan” in hope of reducing the verbal diarrhea of Raymond and Roy, I have been hoping that this lunacy would be reduced. That sadly has not been the case.

**Mysteryman has come up with a way for you express your opinion and participate.

Non-members cannot post polls but ALL can vote on others reputation so here is the plan.

Option 1-
If you think Raymond and Roy should continue as they have been vote gilstrachan’s reputation DOWN and Raymond and Roy’s UP

Option 2-
If you think Raymond and Roy should shut-up and get a life
vote gilstrachan’s
reputation UP and Raymond and Roy’s DOWN

Let’s see what the membership of NACHI really thinks of these two boys antics.

Go to the yellow star at the top of the post to give reputation points.

Speak up NACHI. This is your BB too**