Caption Contest

This should generate another 500,000 posts.


How bout “the face of tomorrow”.

Kinda like that one.

Wow! How about… “If Looks Could Kill” :twisted:

“A Picture is Worth One Thousand Words” :shock:

A picture of change!

What you are a conservative!

“That’s my husband you’re ogling…”

you had beans for dinner didn’t You ?

Why would you marry a conservative frog?

“Ya know…with a pair of glasses, this floosy would look just like Sarah Palin…”

I Love You…Not!

My husband is going to kick your husband’s *****

Such hatred James.

I sure the French do not like being called Frogs ether , Although i am 1/4 French i do not care . lol I am just a mutt

That was kinda the point Wayne.

Do you know who Michelle is giving “the look” too?

French first lady i think


See I can have a little world knowledge LOL;-)