Carbon fiber straps didn't do squat and they supposedly excavated 2 bowed in walls

…but only DAMPROOFED and backfilled with same soil, homeowners found my balding azz on Nachi site, lol, yep… they live approx 2 1/2 hours away, 5 hour round trippy drive, ya dig? I spent about 2 hours here on site, Not crying, just stating the facts.

So these bums charged $12,000 back in 2005 or 2006 for the straps and damproofing, no dirt hauled away $$ no gravel backfilled $$ obviosuly much less labor $$$, ya folla? My estimate was less than what they charged more than a decade ago and we live 2++ hours away

Tree roots, lots of trees and homeowner say they planted bushes (cut now) along the side wall, not bitching at 'em just saying the roots from the bushes didn’t help. Am told, clay soil and IF it is and these knuckleheads backfilled with same soil = incompetent.

I see they sprayed or rolled on a THIN amount of tar, up high at least, behind the stupid dimpled membrane, membrane does NOT ‘adhere aka stick’ to the foundation wall.

There are at least 4 vertical cracks, several corner cracks that are still… lol, OPEN! hello!

Homeowners, nice peeps, are concerned as their 2 bowed in walls have moved in a bit more and a couple new cracks have occurred, basement leaks in at least a couple areas… where there are exterior cracks in the dang walls.

I can tell butt-brains didn’t use/apply hydraulic cement IN, over any of the corner cracks, you can see 'em still open, likely widened because these morons didn’t backfill with most-all gravel and homeowners are not sure they excavated all the way down, more than you think do not dig all the way down, nope.

There are horizontal cracks, EXTERIOR horiz-cracks down low.

Gotta do the job correctly FIRST on the outside before you toss more money and possibly get/need some beams inside so, job was NOT done correctly, not backfilled correctly plus add some new roots and who knows about tree roots that could have made their way back against, along 1 or both walls

The carbon fiber straps are nowhere near enough to withstand further weight/lateral pressure, good damn luck with this crap… some of the braces for the carbon fiber straps have popped off, lol

Then i get home yesterday from this estimate and google the company name who did the work and they share the same address and number as… B Dry hahahaa, yeah you know.

So i’ll say again Mr and Mrs homeowner, if i were you i would either… disclose the existing problems n spend NOTHING more and move on OR, as i said, get the walls waterproofed (not damproofed as they were) and backfilled correctly w/all gravel, because they weren’t and through this process any-all roots, plus the possible clay soil will be removed AND all the exterior cracks would finally get waterproofed and see how it goes, see if the walls move in much if any in the coming months etc.

If they do then get beams, if they don’t you save the $$$ you would have spent of beams, i know you were thinking about wall anchors, lolol, i showed you video of what wall anchors would (wouldn’t do), waste of money imo

One more IMPORTANT thing about the bums who did the previous damproofing etc, on their paperwork, there is NO GUARANTEE on further water in basement, ZIP! And they do not state they… dig all the way DOWN to footing, they just stated they ‘excavate’, well, lolol, what ya mean? If on that day, if you only feel like digging 1 or 3’ deep, that’s all your gonna do? idiots and their fake, incompetent shtt

I know i know, some homeowners think that by tossing more n more money $$$ at these problems that the problems will go away, nope, sorry, truth is it doesn’t turn out that way all the time, especially when you believe con men and their fake azz claims, like interior drainage systems and wall anchors and carbon fiber straps etc. Homeowners wanted to know about straightening these walls, about getting new walls, i warned 'em that, straightening the walls can only weaken the wall as at least some of the mortar joints, the glue for the wall/blocks will crumble, weaken and some blocks may crack MORE so while it will LOOK STRAIGHT, for awhile, imo you weakened it and if they don’t waterproof the exterior correctly and don’t backfill correctly you will have/get the same/similar problems, oh yes. Have seen the same thing occur with NEW walls, they backiflled with same shtty soil and new walls cracked 'n leaked so why keep tossing bunch of $$$$ at this shtt, do what NEEDS to be done first, see where your at

Then i know there are some homeowners who think, wow, the other guys charged MORE money 12-15 years ago so how can this balding guy Mark come all that way for LESS, ‘sounds to good to be true’ type shtt. Well the TRUTH is folks, that initial cost was TOO HIGH and you got too little, ya folla? Its not that Marky n his guys are supposedly 'sounds too good to be true ’ type shtt, NO, you were waaaay overcharged by incompetent sob’s, THAT is the truth. If it’ll make any homeowners feel better to pay us MORE, hey, that’s fine with us lol, our palms are open so if you wanna slap on another $5,000 whatever , okay! hahaha That make you feel better? smfg

Oh one more thing, i wanted to take video (s) of inside walls etc, i asked, the nice lady said she rather i didn’t, she didn’t want to possibly PIZZ off the stinky scamming bum contractor who did the stinky 1/2 azz’d job, waaaaay too nice folks, i’d put the hammer down and seek 'n destroy because of what they did to you, just my 2 centzz. This is why i haven’t mentioned the name of the piece of shit contractor, folla? idiotzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz