Carbon Monoxide Agreement Help

Hello members,

I’m thinking about offering a free Carbon Monoxide scan to my clients with their home inspection using my new TPI 775. Does anyone do this and if so do you use some sort of agreement prior to the inspection to communicate the scope and limitations of the test? Any help would be appreciated.

If you are going out of your way to present an aux service and appear as going beyond SOP they have every right to assume you are responsible.

If its free why would you need an agreement? I bring my CO tester with me on all inspections, I turn it on and set it in the living room. I will bring it with me to inspect the furnace when it is appropriate. I stroke out the part of my agreement (I have to use) that says I will not inspect for CO. Some will say I shouldn’t do this (stroke it out), ymmv.
Well worth doing IMO, CO is one of the few things we find that regularly and routinely kills homeowners, way more deadly than trip hazards incorrect plumbing or wiring that isn’t done to code.

I agree 100%. I was more thinking along the lines of the tool doing the test not working accurately one day or if there was no harmful carbon monoxide inspection day but 2 months later after the client moves in there would be. That client could come back and say I gave the thumbs up. I want the best for my clients as we all do but I haven’t been to court yet and want to keep it that way lol

Why do you need an agreement. Do you need one for moisture intrusion? What about water leaks?
I use my CO detector on every inspection of a furnace. Found one where the meter gave me 100 ppm before I shut off the furnace. Yesterday I got over 8 before I shut it down on a 2 year old furnace.
Set your clients expectations and do your job. If you are so worried about liability then do something else. It only costs you a pizza if you are later than 30 minutes.

That applies to everything you inspect. Somewhere, everywhere, your report should say ‘on the day of inspection’

I agree and I use them words all the time. I guess I was just wondering how others go about it. If inspectors were using some kind of wording added into their agreement or just adding to their report limitations. There’s no SOP on it for the client to know the scope. That’s why I asked. I added something for it to my limitations now so I’m good to go. Thanks for the reply.

I’m glad you were able to help those clients. That’s why I am adding it into my inspection. Thanks