Carbon Monoxide and Moisture Meters

We are a new business and would like some input on the most reliable meters to use. John Lapointe

Hi, John. I use the PROTIMETER, MINI for Moisture. This is a pin type push into the substraight type. Good price for ~200.00 US. pretty accurate from my tests. You can also go with the protimeter survey master which has a non-evasive tester aswell but it more pricey. Go to ReliableLab.Com they offer Nachi memebers a 10% discount.


I use the Protimeter as well

If you order from Reliable Lab get em to ship via USPS or FedEx

NOT UPS… UPS sucks!:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Oh ya UPS sucks:twisted:

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John for a moisture meter check out Electrophysics out London Ont. I have had their pinless meter for about 4 years now great meter easy to calibrate, and you can set it up to read different materials,drywall/plaster,concrete,
brick and ceramic tile.They have a web site so take a look.