Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Do you test for carbon monoxide poisoning?

       TROY -- City officials will  open code enforcement records for  review this morning on  13-year-old inspections of  furnaces installed in homes on  Pattison Way.

  		 		 		  		                  		  		  	   This comes after Friday's  discovery that Hoan Son, 61, had  died in his bed of carbon monoxide  poisoning in his Pattison Way  home. His wife, Lan Son, 55, is in  very critical condition at Jacobi  Medical Center in the Bronx after  firefighters found overwhelmingly  high concentrations of the odorless  gas.
An investigation showed the  furnace, first inspected by city  code enforcement officials when  the development was build more  than a dozen years ago, was  erroneously wired.

It was later discovered that  similar furnaces in other homes in  the development also were wired  incorrectly.

According to a local furnace  expert, the problem with the unit  was that safety switch on the direct  vent kit was wired incorrectly. The  vent consists of an electric fan that  expels dangerous combustion gases  through to an outside vent. As a  result, if the fan unit failed, the  safety switch would not shut off the  burner, allowing the deadly gas to  fill the home.