Carbon Monoxide Tester

I am just starting out and wondered if I need a tester with an extension to test the heat exchangers and/or inside the exhaust flue or can i get away with a simple hand held unit?

It’s beyond the scope. I’ve never done it and don’t plan to start.

Extech CO15 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Meter

Its good business practice, I have always done it and don’t plan to quit;-):wink:

Do More charge more:D and get paid what your worth:cool:

You’re so special! :smiley:

Well at least I know why insulation on a A/C condensate drain line is for. Duh:twisted:

You are so very special…Yep!:roll:

U so funny;-)

Thank you CB !
Have you been doing well?

I’m as fine as frog hair and twice as jumpy:D

That’s a good thing…Yep!