CARF safety Inspections

Is anybody familiar with these inspections? I have been approached by a health services organization to conduct these at 7 of their facilities. I have a sample of a prior “inspection” that was conducted, and it seems extremely basic, items like Fire extinguishers, safety meetings, a comment on a broken window and an exposed receptacle. No check list or pics, just a 2 page letter with boilerplate language. They found me online I’m assuming CCPIA, as I do about 5 commercial inspections a year.

I assume you’ve already Googled it??

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I have, thanks Jeffrey. Been awhile since I have been on these forums, nice to see your still kicking around here. Looking for someone that has actually produced these, and their price per facility. Last guy there was 2 days for 7 facilities.

Here’s a tid bit of info. Average $1500

Hello Brad,

I have gotten calls like this one in the past. The last one was for a medical center that specialized in mental health. They needed to have an annual inspection because they issued controlled medications. I was not able to do the inspection because their specific report needed to have an architect’s stamp. The scope was something I was comfortable with. If you are comfortable with the scope then, you are the expert that they called. If the scope is not something you are comfortable with then you might want to lead them to a direction of someone who would be able to help them. It is totally your call. My last bit of advice is to make sure you are properly compensated for your time, expertise, and exposure. These three factors would weigh very hard on my proposed fee for this project.

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Thanks for the input gentlemen, much appreciated. Just waiting on more info from the client and I’ll be going forward with this.