Carfax Report Pretty Please?

Hey guys - does anyone have access to carfax reports? Can anyone run a vin on this F250 for me???




I used them for my present car and then spent another $1,500 in repairs anyway (hahaha)

Joe a good tip is to go to a dealer and ask them to run it as they pay by the month.
Just use your charm.

Other wise good luck.

Yeah, the strangest thing is that this dealer (supposedly reputable Ford dealer) said they don’t use Carfax, which is pretty strange to me. I asked at a few different levels and they said if I wanted to do a Carfax I would have to do it on my own.

This guy is selling them for $2.

Probably illegal.

If your looking for a vehicle buy the subscription.

Unlimited $40/30 days

Well according to Carfax, there is a 12 records on this 2002 Ford.
But you need to pay $30 to find out. :mrgreen:

Records:**12 records found in the CARFAX Vehicle History database **What is a Record?

Just for Sht’s and giggles, I ran the VIN on my own truck that came out of the show room 2 years ago and it revealed 6 records.

When you view the record, it says it could reveal nothing wrong or a listing of 6 items found.,

That is a $40 bogus scam as far as I am concerned. :mrgreen:

It is worth it because I almost bought one that was revealed to have the odometer rolled back.
Carfax is great.

I looked at the preliminary for my newest vehicle.

2004 Cadillac CTS. Bought new. No problems = 16 records found.
What a joke. Records could be anything or nothing.

Tell the Ford dealership if they won’t offer a carfax record, you will buy elsewhere, then get up and tell them sorry we can’t do business.

Carfax unfortunately only reveals what people are willing to tell you about a vehicle.

If someone was trying to sell a vehicle that they personally wrecked and repaired, do you think they are going to tell carfax about the damage.