Cargo pants: Gotta love 'em!

Cargo pants are great! Carry just a little belt pouch for a couple of screwdrivers, plastic conductor guages/wireshovers, backup flashlight and a few other things and the camera bag on the belt at the other side. Everything else fits in the pockets. PDA, moisture meter, IR thermometer, etc.
It’s not perfect but it minimizes getting hung up in the crawlspace and attic.

Levi makes good ones that look like khaki’s with pockets, so you can still look relatively professional. You may not look like a professional banker… but you’ll have deep pockets.

check out

Lots of different styles. Tough as Rhino hide

I totally agree. I started wearing khaki’s, but they wear out and start looking crappy. Plus I sweat like a horse, and wet khaki’s aren’t very professional looking.
Check out Duluth Trading Company. ( Fire Hose Work Pants are great. Carhart quit offering their heavy cargo pants, and mine were starting to get holes in them after about 3 years on the job, so I needed to find something else. I tried a pair of Tactical 5.11 pants, and they have double knees, but they are too thin of fabric to last, I think.

I went on-line to Duluth and ordered a pair of those fire hose cargo pants to see if they are as good as they look. Thanks for the link.