Carl Rove does not think Govenors should be VP

Well that is what he said.

]( Yep, that’s what he said. Maybe you have more credentials if you’re a female Gov., and a moose hunter.

How bout them Moose Goosers
Aint they recluse
Up in them boondocks
Goosin them moose.

Goosin them huge moose
Goosin them tiny
Goosin them meadow moose in they hiney

Look at them moose goosers
aint they dumb
some use an umbrella
Some use their thumb

Them obtuse moose goosers
sneakin through the woods
pokin them snoozy moose
in they goods

How to be a moose gooser
it’ll turn you puse
get your gooser loose
and rouse a drowsy moose.

“Them Poems” by Mason Williams. :mrgreen:

If you would like to listen,

:lol: :lol: :lol: :cool-cat: :lol: :lol:

Good thing that Rove is not running the McCain Campaign.

BTW: Rove ran Bush’s campaign and many hated him for it and denegrated him. Now, it seems, that many who slammed him are quoting him.

Somewhat contradictory, don’t you think?

I agree.
Now they love Rove when he agrees with them.

Was McCain’s pick of Palin a political Calculation? Duh? Why do you think Obama picked Biden.

Could be that Rove was telegraphing his dispeasure with Kain because he thought someone else would be more helpful to the ticket.

Has anyone heard any other Rove comment on the Palin pick?

Here is what I could find