Carpet moths

I just had a call from a broker wondering if I had ever dealt with or heard of carpet moths. Apparently her buyer client just moved into a house that has a wool carpet moth problem and her inspector had not discovered it. Have any of you heard of this and actually seen the moths and/or the damage? This is a new one for me.

Thanks for any input.

Tony Butchart
Hummingbird Homes, LLC
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I’ve seen it. This home had cocoons hanging all over the ceiling. Anything made out of wool will be invested. Many floor rugs are made of wool.

They’re not easy to eliminate (super pain in the butt) but possible with 2 or more treatments
to disturb the metamorphosis cycle.
They can go thru a full life cycle in as little as 8 weeks.
They can really get crankin’.

Like fleas, they tend to lay their eggs in out of the way/undisturbed areas that you wouldn’t typically clean such as underneath/behind furniture, cracks in baseboards, under couch/chair cushions etc.
Remove the eggs & pupae by thoroughly vacuuming & don’t forget to get rid of the bag.
Then treat all surfaces & repeat in 2-3 weeks to break up the life cycle.

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