Carpetbaggers Prepare for Missouri Licensing Bill

The bill has not been presented, yet, but that does not stop this carpetbagger]( already promoting how his course complies with the new law.

He does come clean on another page, admitting there is no law yet, but encouraging membership in associations other than NACHI until one is passed.

Hhhhmmmm. I wonder who is behind this bill of goods…:wink:

I don’t know Jim. These people are sure in the dark about things. Note they say the same thing about Kansas, no licensing requirements. :roll:

Hopefully, that will turn out to be true for Kansas.

The state budget shortfall has no funds for licensing. The AG has returned the bill to the legislature because it has illegal requirements. What better excuse does the legislature have than to simply trash it?

I am really hoping, James, that the bill will be squashed. My niece attends Emporia State to be a Kansas teacher, and the state of Kansas is cutting their state funding. If the lawmakers give the home inspectors board money, and cut school funding, the lawmakers all need to be fired, and exposed for what they really are. I hope this is not another Illinois.

This is one of the major educators for MAR. I know some Realtors who take their online classes to achieve their 12 credits every two years per Missouri licensing requirement.

That certainly would explain their enthusiastic optimism.

The school does not seem very reputable in light of the fact that they list a known diploma mill (ASHI) on their website. As a former REALTOR I still get a lot of emails directed towards REALTORs and just this morning I got another alert reminding me to avoid inspectors who display the ASHI logo. The warning included a link to their 35 second, shazam! online application:

Hm. I wonder who is behind those 100% accurate, "avoid ASHI inspectors" email alerts? If I were ASHI, I’d be freakin’ out. These are killing ASHI members’ businesses.

Probably you, would be my guess—:margarit:

Nick being as sharp as you are (or seem to be), you don’t really believe anyone hires someone because of a club they belong to do you?

I find that hard to believe, because in the real world, it don’t work like that—:wink:

My point is that if licensing makes you sick… the 2nd largest so-called professional association’s entrance requirements should make you throw up all over the floor.

Since NACHI is not an association of…as you put it, mere home inspectors…and ASHI is…why do you feel the need to belittle its members?

Well it doesn’t bother me personally, I could care less, belong to one club or the other–or both.

Simply clubs, with message boards, their fun to belong to at times…!!

Jim, to answer your question…licensing and ASHI both dump bozos into our profession. The only difference is that most licensing requires little more than money and ASHI requires *nothing *more than money.

All I’m asking is that you act consistently and spend as much or more effort opposing 35 second online application, diploma mills like ASHI as you do opposing bad licensing. The both suck.

In my state, ASHI (along with me) opposes the licensing law that you have touted to be “the most HI friendly law on the books”.

In this case, my enemy’s enemy is my friend.

As for “our profession”, I am a home inspector. NACHI is not, nor ever will be again (according to you) an association of “mere home inspectors”. Accordingly, I am uncertain as to what you are referring to.

Believing that ASHI opposes licensing is like believing that McDonald’s opposes hamburgers.

You’re confusing your local diploma mill members with their national association. I’m sure there are a few vegans working at MickeyDee’s too.

You, Jim Bushart, personally, with your hard earned money… fund the dragon that is trying to kill us all with it’s crappy legislation and diploma mill entrance requirements:

ASHI is harmless without your $.

I see they have Florida on there as well. Oh well

I have learned from you, Nick, how dangerous and disappointing it can be to count on a national association for anything of benefit to the profession on a local basis.

ASHI has its imperfections…but in this month’s ASHI Reporter I did not read anything from its leader informing the members that ASHI was no longer an association for “mere home inspectors” and would never be, again. I did read that from you on this message board, however.

I am a home inspector and I belong to ASHI…an association of home inspectors committed to addressing issues relevant to home inspectors. Personally and professionally, I do not have a problem with that.

How can a home inspector association that listens to it’s members, gives and supports what it’s members want, harm our profession??

How interesting to read that ASHI opposes legislation…

To the best of my recollection ASHI and NAHI lead the way in hiring lobbyist in support of biased legislation.

INACHI leads the way in hiring lobbyist to avoid bias legislation both before and after a bills passage.

Please do not misquote me.

I did not say that ASHI opposes legislation in Missouri.

ASHI opposes the bill that was passed in Kansas that is being pushed for Missouri. Understand that Kansas City is a very large market that rests in both states. The KAR had only 1/2 of a victory with the law that the governor of Kansas signed. Their job is not done until both states carry the same burden.

ASHI in Missouri opposes the Kansas law. They favor the bill that they have been having pushed for the previous two sessions.