Carrier announced a decision to move at least 1,400 jobs from Indianapolis to Mexico.

Oh Well!

that’s sad

Every-time OUR GOVERNMENT make regulations that hurt our Countries Employers they learn to just roll with it and do what it must take to stay in biz.

You cannot help but blame Obama and all the other sorry a-s politicians that want to tax businesses and raise the minimum wag and give away free health care and give away time off and give away maternity leave and give away etc… We cannot afford to live beyond our means as a Country. STOP THE MADNESS>

Let Businesses decide what they want to pay and what they want to give and let people decide whatthey will work for and what they will pay for things.

We need less government action and more person to person interaction.

If you and I want to make a biz decision I say to the government Stay the heck out of our biz unless we are doing something that is illegal and also “SHOULD” be illegal which there are a ton of things that need to be made legal that are not because of government intervention :frowning:

Don’t be fooled. This has nothing to do with government action. It’s all about greed.

Watsco Jumps on Record Results

Business decided

Greedy voters wanting more for less.

No, you have that completely wrong. Greedy manufacturing businesses wanting more for less.

Nope greedy gov that wants to take from hard workers and give to scumbags. Biz will not tolerate it nor be able to stay in biz because our citizens will not pay what it would cost to build in America due to the scumbags in government “DEMOCRATS and Socialists” and the taxes, rules, wages etc… they DICTATE.

All of the above, and less taxes to pay.

IMO, a tax of 20% on ALL U. S imports would pay for free medical care for all of us, and pay off the debt, and create millions of jobs. Along with reducing business taxes from 45% to 25%.

Mandate home inspections for all of the 6 million homes for sale, fix them, have the home owner pay for the repairs, get the money back when the home sells for more money, more commissions for lenders, REA, brokers, etc.

Put millions to work painting, fixing the homes, roofs, landscaping, on and on.

Make life easy on Businesses in the United States instead of trying to screw and mandate everything we do. Make it so we can work how and when we want to and hire who we want to.


This Country would Flourish again because Business Owners would hire people and all would have more money to spend. Those willing to work and those providing work. Those who do nothing should get NOTHING. it really is that simple.

This just in:

Looksa like Our Man Trump Is doing a lot of what he promised so far.


We need to show all her Idiotic aupporters why they were so wrong or they will just vote for the next Woman or Democrat running just because the head of the Countries largest crime family is untouchable :frowning:

Hell how do you all think Bill got the name Slick Willie. Nothing sticks.


Anyone except those who voted for TRUMP 2016 should be ashamed of their actions.

If you want to be a Socialist or Communist then PLEASE leave MY COUNTRY. I have no where else to go if this Counry goes to hell in a hand basket.

We would have never recovered from Hittlery appointing 3 to 4 supreem court judges :frowning:

I was just about to post the tweet from carrier Nick. The other links were from early this year. In my humble opinion, people on both sides should give Trump a chance. He already has accomplished a great deal and not even in office.

He has got more done in 4 weeks than the current administration accomplished in 8 years.
Well obummer, liarly and the corrupt establishment do deserve some credit for the red wave that has swept the nation.

Move all of the illegal people and homeless to all of the local and state colleges and dorm rooms. Have the colleges and students open their doors to all of these illegal people. Have the students pay for, and take care of, all of these people so sanctuary cities will no longer exist. Students must pay for their food, housing, health care, education. and then see all of these radical student and professor opinions change.

Then, they may understand why the U.S. should lock their doors (borders).

Yep. Afghanistan needed Trump’s wall in 2001. But I learned a lot from the Afghans. I adopted their winning system. Let the illegal, armed, foreign trespassers in and then just shoot them.