Carrying on as an inspector

Hello everyone,

So I just passed my Florida state exam for home inspections and currently waiting to get my fingerprints done and the whole application process done with. I have a question; does InterNachi supply a member website? Or do we have to create our own via third party.

Thank you,

Your biz your responsibility. I do believe they “may” have a few options for you but I am not sure about a free website? Check member benefits. Some software companies provide you with a site if you use their software but I believe you have to do the work to create it.

What areas do you cover and what did you do before jumping into this pool? :smiley:

Good Luck, hopes this helps a “bit” :smiley:

You are included in websites that feature Inspectors by location but you are starting a business so purchase a domain and get a web host.

One of your biggest challenges will be creating a web site that differentiates yourself from other inspectors. It’s unlikely that any “free” offering is going to do that. It’s even difficult when you are working with pro developers, because they tend to use a boilerplate approach.

I’m in the process of revamping my site with the help of Townsquare, and the question I ask myself again and again is “Who cares?”

You must first identify those things that consumers care most about, be sure you offer those things, then communicate that to the view. You have literally seconds to do this.

I wrote my own web pages since 1992, when it could all be done in a text editor. Now anyone can create one in a few hours with no technical expertise at all, so all having a web site means these days is that you are not a complete schlub.

Search Engine Optimization (AKA SEO) used to be dependent on the content of the site. Now it is a monstrously complex affair, and the ordinary person rarely has the knowledge or time to effectively address this. Google did this on purpose so that paying for first-page results is the easiest way to achieve this (via Google Adwords). Unfortunately, GA is a great way to waste money if your web site is not effective.

The moral: When it comes to a web site and SEO, seek professional help. Maybe you can’t afford it right now, but put it in your marketing plan or you will find yourself stuck on first base.